RhinoCAM Drives Dovetailors Ltd. 5-Axis BACCI Machining Center

Dovetailors Ltd. is a bespoke (custom-made) design and manufacturing company founded in 2005 with a passion for turning customers’ ideas into stunning designs. Our commitment and passion have enabled us to become a leading furniture design firm in North England.
Sunny Mills in Farsley became the new home of the business in 2014. The company relocated to larger premises in Pudsey in 2019. The master craftsmen carry out commercial wood furniture manufacturing and ecclesiastical furniture design there, as well as private commissions. In addition to our ready-to-buy items, we also offer bespoke kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

The RhinoCAM Difference

David Wilson, Creative Director of Dovetailors Ltd has been using Rhino and RhinoCAM since 2014.  The company just recently added a Bacci 5-axis machining center to its manufacturing facility. To run that 5-axis machine, David chose RhinoCAM’s 5-axis Premium upgrade configuration from MecSoft Corporation. In the past, Dave has also used AlphaCAM but found RhinoCAM to be superior in terms of ease of use and its integration with Rhino. Here is just some of what David has to say about his RhinoCAM.

“RhinoCAM is very intuitive to use and integrates seamlessly with Rhino. Our decision to upgrade RhinoCAM to its 5-axis Premium configuration is primarily due to its integration with Rhino as well as our experience with RhinoCAM for almost a decade. Our experience with AlphaCAM however, has been a difficult one.”

David Wilson, Creative Director
Dovetailors Ltd, Leeds, GB

The RhinoCAM Part

The part David has chosen for this case study is shown below. It is the center pedestal for one of their bespoke center table designs. The piece is cut from poplar and measures approximately 400 mm long and 125 mm in diameter. The completed table is a traditional hall table made in walnut with a burr/burl walnut veneered top and ebony stringing. While the part is typically 4-axis, David used their Bacci 5-axis machining center to cut the piece without issues. The part is illustrated below.

The component, cut from Poplar, is 126.3mm in diameter and 399 mm long. The inner column is shaped by a 537 mm radius. One end contains four flats each containing a set of deep and shallow “domino” slots.
The component is displayed in Rhino 7.0. The Machining Job on the left consists of 5 setups. Setups 2 and 3 contain 5-axis Surface Normal machining operations.

The RhinoCAM BACCI Programmable Post-Processor

For David Wilson and his team at Dovetailors Ltd (a Bacci company), MecSoft developed a post-processor for their 5-axis machining center. With this development, MecSoft has demonstrated the flexibility and adaptability of its newly developed programmable post technology. This technology, introduced in the 2022 CAM product, uses the Python programming language and an event-driven model that allows it to handle complex and highly specific logical operations during post-processing. See the video below!
Dovetailors 5-axis CNC machining center from BACCI AMERICA
Here is a 5-axis component being machined on Dovetailors 5-axis Machining Center

BACCI 5 Axis Videos

Here are two videos from David’s project. On the left, we see the BACCI Machine simulation. On the right, we see the actual cutting.

The Final Product

Here are some final product images that include this component. Sweet!
The traditional hall table is made in walnut with a burr/burl walnut veneered top and ebony stringing.
Cool project David!!

Thank you for allowing us to showcase your work!

Italian woodworking machinery manufacturer Bacci was founded in 1918. Since the 1950s, the company has specialized in machinery for the solid wood industry, particularly machines for chair manufacturing. Italian chair manufacturing began to gain international recognition during that same period.

A complete line of CNC machining centers has been developed by the company, all equipped with the latest technology and software. From chair manufacturing to tables, doors, windows, and furniture components in general, all the way to the manufacturing of plastic, aluminum, and composite elements, this new line of machines has a wide range of applications. 

More Pics from Dovetailors

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