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“We chose to teach Rhino 3D to our students because of its dominance in the marine industry. RhinoCAM was a natural extension of that decision and honestly I love our RhinoCAM! I like the fact that its surface based. I can do just about anything with it. Also, the articles on the MecSoft Blog have been very helpful for setting up my curriculum. Every semester I feel that MecSoft supplies more ways to access support and that is huge for me.”

Kelsey Britton
Program Manager & Instructor / IYRS School of Technology & Trades

“The marine industry and shipbuilding specifically is more a lifestyle than a job. I love what I do – teaching others how to find that passion and help them move forward in life and hopefully continue and work in the marine industry!”

Kelsey Britton
Program Manager & Instructor / IYRS School of Technology & Trades

“With just two operations, Horizontal Roughing & Parallel Finishing, we have a master thermoform mold core. It’s really just like magic!

“People seem to think they are locked into Mastercam, locked into SolidWorks, locked into the addons for SolidWorks. I’m sure these are good programs but I just have to say that I do believe, and this is why I still use MecSoft software, is that Rhino and RhinoCAM for Calton Cases is a genius that works for us!”

Anthony Pelosi
Product Designer & Innovation Lead / Calton Cases

“At Calton Cases I can use any CAD/CAM software I want and I have used many. I always find myself coming back to Rhino and RhinoCAM because of the freedom it gives me to model and machine the way I want. It’s actually quite liberating!”

Anthony Pelosi
Product Designer & Innovation Lead / Calton Cases

“VisualCAM and VisualCAMc have been real time-savers for us! Many of our initial parts now happily end up in the recycle bin. That’s because we can design, machine, evaluate, redesign and machine again all within the same day! We now machine all of our development and prototype components in-house where design issues can be resolved quickly and economically before going to mass production.”

John Humpherys
Engineering Mgr / DeLaRue Authentication Solutions

VisualMILL has proven to be easy for the students to familiarize themselves with. We have students who only use the CNC once and for example only have experience in Adobe Illustrator. They typically want to mill out shapes in a sheet of plywood and they do not have any problems. The VisualMILL interface is logical and easy to understand. The students can easily find the functions they are looking for. With a short tutorial, they soon make their own Gcode.

Joachim Harrysson
IT Instructor for 3D software, Prototyping Machines, Metal and Modell workshop / University of Göteborg

“We use Rhino exclusively for 3D modeling and design so RhinoCAM is a excellent fit for us. Learning RhinoCAM is integrated right from our beginning classes where students learn how to integrate toolpaths into their design projects and run the g-code on our ShopSabre CNC routers.”

“I find RhinoCAM very user friendly. Setting up a part to machine is very easy and intuitive. RhinoCAM has done everything that I have ever asked it to do and it does it well – it just works!”

Jim Lohmann

“With the VisualMILL program and our CNC milling machine, I can quickly and easily machine new components for our 3D printers. We machine almost all the parts of our 3D printers right here in our Charlottesville factory, so development can go very fast and we can be constantly improving our shoe printing processes.”

Maggie Rogers
Design & Fabrication / OESH Shoes

“VisualMILL is easy to learn and easy to use! I self-taught myself how to use the program from the MecSoft training videos. I’ve also trained two apprentices to use the software and neither one of them has had any trouble learning it.”

Dr. Casey Kerrigan
Founder & President / OESH Shoes
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