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Prof. arq. Alffonso OrciuoliProf. arq. Alffonso OrciuoliDistribuidor Autorizado McNeel Brasil McNeel & Associates, Kirkland, Washington

"Because RhinoCAM works inside of Rhino. We do not need to export, import… That means if we change the project design, we can update the toolpaths in one click! Another important issue is that RhinoCAM is so intuitive. That helps a lot for students that are not familiar with
CAM technology. And finally, support and feedback! Every time I need some help, the MecSoft support answers my questions very quickly!"

Michael WazenskiMichael WazenskiOwner/Operator | CNCFins
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“Learning RhinoCAM was not difficult which in itself was amazing. When I first loaded RhinoCAM, it already had a Centroid post-processor for my CNC router. After learning how to create a toolpath, I took the g-code over to my router and it worked great the very first time! This was after I completed an evaluation of Mastercam, uncovering many shortcomings in the software.”

"VisualMill [VisualCAM] gives me the capabilities that more expensive programs only promise. I can easily change parameters to drive ‘what-if’ scenarios and quickly move from idea to invoice. MecSoft is my secret weapon."

Kirs TirelisKirs TirelisKITEX SIA

"Most of the jobs in our workshop are now machined using VisualCAD/CAM. Even after many years, I’m still surprised at how user friendly it is. It’s ease of use and price/performance make it the #1 choice for entry-level metalworking workshops and a top-buy for woodwork/woodcarving shops!"