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Whether you’re an educator developing design and manufacturing curriculum or a student creating projects, MecSoft offers you both the necessary software and the training that can help you excel. Chosen by almost all of the IVY League universities in the US, most of the major University of California system schools along with hundreds of large as well small universities and high schools worldwide, our CAM products are an ideal choice for universities and high-schools.

  • Ease of Use
  • Breadth of offerings
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ability to run inside SOLIDWORKS & RhinoCAD systems

Browse through these pages to see how we can help you implement CAD/CAM programs at your school.

MecSoft in Education: Recent Case Studies

This cool case study comes to us courtesy of Affonso Orciuoli, Associate Professor and Research Assistant for the Architecture
Graphics Department at the Institute for Biodigital Architecture & Genetics, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya School of
Architecture in Barcelona Spain. Affonso is also a Rhino and RhinoCAM reseller! We sat down with Affonso to get a first-hand look at The MAZE project. 

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