Our Experience at the Rhino Reseller Meeting 2023

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Our Experience at the Rhino Reseller Meeting 2023
Rhino World 2023 is finally underway in Barcelona after a long nine-year hiatus, complete with a full-blown pandemic thrown in the middle of this long break. It was a cathartic event to celebrate not only the team behind the Rhinoceros product but also the people involved in all aspects of the Rhino ecosystem. This included resellers, trainers, OEM vendors, plug-in writers (large and small), companion partner companies and some users as well.
Rhino World 2023 Center
The event started on October 18th and ran through October 20th. The days were packed with informational and networking sessions, starting late in the morning and running late into the night, all so typically Spanish. The entire event resembled more a college reunion than a staid and serious business event. As most Rhino events go, it had a hippy vibe to it, something that no doubt was helped by the Spanish beer and wine that flowed freely during lunch and dinner.
Oct 18, 2023 – Day 1 of the Rhino Reseller Meeting
The day started out with us exhibitors setting up our booths in the morning. The main sessions started in earnest in the afternoon after lunch. After a small welcome presentation, Bob McNeel gave a Business Strategy Review, which basically was about the launch of Rhino 8.

This was followed by a session “New in Rhino 8”. Highlights of this presentation were the following new features in Rhino 8
  • SubD crease control – New crease control using graphical UI for subD models.
  • ShrinkWrap – highly useful for 3D printing applications
  • PushPull – Modeling technology similar to Sketchup
  • Drawing and Illustration – new features in creating drawings
  • New Grasshopper components
MecSoft’s Exhibition Table

After the Rhino team gave us as a presentation about iRhino 3D, the iPhone and iPad mobile app. A new feature that use the Lidar technology embedded in iPhone 13 and above, allows a user to simply take a video of a room to create a 3d model. It was impressive stuff.

This was followed by a couple of user presentations which I had to miss due to the number of people coming to our booths.

The evening was rounded out by a visit to a wonderful restaurant called Restaurant Mirabè where we were treated to Cava, Spanish wine and tapas.

It was a great start to what was shaping up to be another wonderful Rhino partner meeting.

I was thrilled to meet all our old friends in Rhino as well as in the Rhino reseller community.

Oct 19, 2023 – Day 2 of the Rhino Reseller Meeting
Today was a full working day with sessions starting early morning – at least early for the Spanish. The morning sessions were hands-on demonstrations with questions and answers on Rhino 8 features. The mesh wrap, push pull and the changes to the gumball were prominent among these. The mid-morning presentations consisted of guest speakers from some prominent architectural firms and how they use Rhino in their design process. It was gratifying to hear from Martin Schulte of Herzog & de Meuron, one of the premier architectural firms in Switzerland about their use of RhinoCAM in creating some of their 3D models.
Bob McNeel & Joe Anand

The session of most importance in the afternoon was about Grasshopper 2.0. This was presented by David Ruttan, the creator of Grasshopper. Grasshopper is one of the most innovative technologies present in Rhino and Rhino owes a lot of its success to Grasshopper. A newer version of Grasshopper will be released, after the release of Rhino 8.0. There were some interesting features that would be of use to expert Grasshopper users.

The evening highlight was the sunset cocktail & dinner at Restaurant El Vivero which is located on the beach. The waves were strong and high when we rolled into the restaurant and became even higher as the evening progressed, some of them crashing into the glass walls of the restaurant as we ate our dinner. Another evening to socialize with our old friends and make new ones.

Oct 20, 2023 – Day 3 of the Rhino Reseller Meeting
The conference was winding down with morning sessions by Rhino users who use Rhino for shoe and industrial design. This was followed by sessions on the different regions of McNeel around the world and presentations from each of these regions. The Rhino office in S. Korea had an interesting presentation of how they use Grasshopper to design eyewear at an optometrist’s office.
With the (un)official Rhino Mascot
After lunch there was a session of pure nostalgia where Brian Gillespie walked the attendees through the years from the beginning of Rhino 25 years ago through some important milestones. This stirred a lot of old memories as MecSoft has been associated with Rhino for all of these 25 years. MecSoft turned 26 this year and we were the first ones to use the OpenNURBS libraries to read Rhino files into our product as well as the first company to write a CAM plugin for Rhino.


MecSoft was founded in 1997, one year before Rhino 1.0 was released. We have been working with Rhino since its inception and it has been an exhilarating and rewarding experience so far. It was a wonderful opportunity for MecSoft to be involved in this event not only to learn about the new and exciting features of Rhino 8.0 as well as to meet all the people we have worked with over the years. Rhino is an exciting product with great power and MecSoft’s RhinoCAM product running inside of Rhino presents an unbeatable CAD/CAM combination. We are excited to see the growth and dynamism of the product and its ecosystem and are glad to be a part of it.

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