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Tony Cosby is the engineering, woodworking and technology teacher at Sisters High School in Sisters Oregon, a community who takes its name from the nearby Three Sisters Mountains. Tony teaches beginning and advanced Woodworking classes, a Construction class and an Introduction to Engineering & Design class through Project Lead the Way, a national organization that provides K-12 curriculums written by engineers! Tony’s class produces Ukulele and Luthier Guitars. Since introducing the Luthier Program in 2005, his Woodworking II class has averaged the production of 30 guitars per year, with the help of one of the best Luthiers (guitar makers) in the northwest, Jayson Bowerman of Breedlove Guitars. The CAM software that Tony and his team at SHS rely on every school year is VisualMILL from MecSoft Corporation!

State Visit by Oregon Governor Kate Brown!

The program Tony has developed at SHS is so popular and successful that it has been recognized both locally and statewide by Oregon’s own Governor Kate Brown! Governor Brown wanted to visit SHS in person and gather facts about how Tony’s successful program at SHS can be implemented in other school districts in the state! We here at MecSoft Corporation are proud to be a part of the successful program Tony has achieved at Sisters High School!

Kudos to Tony and his team at SHS!

Oregon’s own Governor Kate Brown visits the program at SHS on a fact-finding mission!
The woodworking program that Tony and his team of community volunteers and industry professionals was also recognized with a video featured on local ABC affiliate for central Oregon KOHD. Watch the video below!

Featured on ABC affiliate KOHD

More about Sisters High School

For more information about Tony Cosby and his woodworking classes at Sisters High School we invite you to visit the high school web page.
We want to extend a special thanks to Bill MacDonald of Kona Breeze Ukes, LLC and Kerry Bott, two community volunteers who help Tony Cosby make the program there at Sisters High School a resounding success! Thank you both!
For more information about VisualCAD/CAM, we invite you to visit the VisualMILL Product Page.

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