RhinoCAM and EcoCeramic Building Materials Design

This cool project was designed by Jed Laver at The University of Arizona College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture Material Labs. In this project Jed uses RhinoCAM in the process of making the ceramic tiles for his next-generation EcoCeramic CMU (Concrete Masonry Units). The master molds were cut from MDF (Medium Density Foam) using 3 Axis RhinoCAM toolpaths.
The MDF master molds were then used to form ceramic mold halves. These ceramic molds were further machined using RhinoCAM toolpaths allowing for many prototype design iterations. The final iteration of the ceramic mold halves were then used to produce a few hundred components, blocks, enough to build and test an entire wall using the EcoCeramic CMU design structure.
Similar to a CMU block, the goal was to make a tiled wall structure for an outdoor amphitheater (in the desert southwest) that lets light in while keeping the excessive heat out. CNC is used creatively allowing the toolpaths to create the design itself as shown in the image above. 

Next Generation EcoCermac Building Materials, Designer: Jed Laver, RhinoCAM CNC Toolpaths are used to machine master ceramic mold halves with cutter path design characteristics.

Next Generation EcoCermac Building Materials, Designer: Jed Laver, RhinoCAM CNC Toolpaths used to machine master ceramic mold halves from MDF (Medium Density Foam) material.

We use Rhino exclusively for 3D modeling and design so RhinoCAM is a excellent fit for us. Learning RhinoCAM is integrated right from our beginning classes where students learn how to integrate toolpaths into their design projects and run the g-code on our ShopSabre CNC routers.
Paulus Musters, Material Labs Manager, University of Arizona College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Read the full case study here!

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Don LaCourse

Don LaCourse

Don LaCourse is an Application Engineer with MecSoft Corporation. Don brings over 20 years of experience in CAD/CAM operations in both automotive and mold design applications. Don also has extensive experience in documenting CAD/CAM products and is actively involved with writing the on-line help as well as creating training tutorials for MecSoft's products.
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