A Firefighter Creates a Commemorative Motorcycle Rocker for his Grandson Using RhinoCAM

What an interesting coincidence that a retired New York City fireman has a grandson that was born on the day of the 10th year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack in New York.
To commemorate the birth of his grandson, Joe Franco created a masterpiece gift for his grandson, Jackson. This gift is in the form of a large, wooden motorcycle rocker that was designed, machined, and assembled by Joe with great love for his grandson and for the people of New York City who suffered over a decade ago.
There are symbolisms all over the bike and base referring to Joe’s profession of firefighting. Many of these symbols were machined using RhinoCAM.
Check out some of the pictures of Joe’s masterpiece.


Scott is International Sales Manager for MecSoft Corporation. Before joining MecSoft in 2011, Scott worked for Siemens PLM, and has several decades of experience in the machining industry. Scott has a very strong technical background as well as outstanding people skills which makes him perfect for managing MecSoft’s international resellers & partners.
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