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Notable Customers

We initially purchased BobCAD-CAM that included a post processor for my machine’s WinCNC controller… However, after a year of struggling with the product, we decided to switch to VisualMILL and VisualCAD/CAM from Mecsoft Corporation. It’s been a pleasure ever since!

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Steven Goldstein
Owner and Proprietor / MonsterGy6 Customs

Thanks, Support….for this super resume of actions taken. Very handy indeed…. and I’ll copy for my files and make email/references available for other techs here at DVC.

Although not a user of the app, I am a user of your technical and licensing resources. I am very pleased with the continuing high level of response and support and follow-up. And not for the first time….every issue since we purchased has been quickly and effectively handled by the MecSoft tech team (and there have been but few issues).

Too, Sales and Accounting have responded efficiently to P.O. and payment questions….I’ve talked to them perhaps 10 times over the past few years and have always enjoyed prompt and friendly answers. Thanks… simply Thanks!

Chuck Patterson
Diablo Valley College, CA, USA

Before RhinoCAM, we would spend an entire day with an English wheel hand-forming the compound curvatures of these skin panels. Now, with my ShopSabre CNC router and RhinoCAM, I machine one die that we can use to form-press multiple skin panels with greater accuracy and in a fraction of the time! This has been a huge advantage for us!

Dave Teeters
AirMotive Specialties, Inc., Salinas, CA

The support you guys have provided us has literally saved me from a tremendous loss of business! We took on a large amount of work at the time and because you were willing to work with us as we got up to speed with the software, we were able to get that work done on time and on budget! Thank you, MecSoft!

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Dave Teeters
AirMotive Specialties, Inc., Salinas, CA

In the beginning, we started out using BobCAM® but kept having to buy additional modules for basic 2½ axis machining. It was also difficult to learn while learning Rhino without the ability to change our Rhino models easily. It was wonderful this year to be able to switch over to RhinoCAM where changes to the Rhino 3D models are easily updated in the CAM operations!

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Drew Larrabee
Industrial Technology / Wrangell High School, Alaska

I’m a new RhinoCam 2016 Expert user. These Webinars are excellent. I watched my first live one yesterday on sign making and have watched a dozen or so of the archived videos. Keep them coming. I make bicycles in a one-person operation –Rollingartbicycles.com– and am setting up with CNC to make some of the aluminum parts.

Mark Osgood, IL, USA

We chose VisualCAM to run our CNC machining centers because it runs as a plugin to SOLIDWORKS and supports both indexed and continuous 2½ through 5 axis machining strategies. We also found VisualCAM to be very cost competitive with other CAM software with similar features!

We also like the symbiosis between the VisualCAM plugin and SOLIDWORKS. The updating process is dead nuts simple and works. You guys deserve huge credit for the quality and speed of your customer service. All in all; two thumbs up.

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Oliver & Samuel Moore
Moore Brothers Co., USA

The entry level ease-of-use with RhinoCAM verses Mastercam is no comparison! After my first hour with RhinoCAM I was cutting a part! After one day of training with RhinoCAM, I was able to cut over 200 production sheets of MDL plywood, each with a different set of toolpaths and all in less than three weeks! That’s how easy RhinoCAM is to learn.

I work with a lot of shops and everywhere I go I recommend RhinoCAM – I’m seeing more and more shops using it. Also, what I like about MecSoft is that you are constantly answering user’s needs and enhancing the software. I also really appreciate that your technical support helps me out so much!

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Scott Hoefer
Owner/Operator / Insight Exhibits, LLC.
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