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“After my first training session I was just in awe of how much I learned in the first hour! I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering a CAM program to try RhinoCAM because of the quality of the training that MecSoft provides!”

“I considered other CAM software at the time but after a short demonstration of RhinoCAM it was a “done deal” for me!”

“I’ve been really happy with the continued support that I am receiving from MecSoft as the VisualCAMc Beta is being further developed. I have worked a wide range of aviation and aerospace jobs over the past 30 years from Aerospace Engineer to Aircraft Mechanic. This is my first real venture into the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) field. The integration with OnShape has been intuitive and relatively easy to learn. Within a couple hours I was able to import parts and being routing sheet metal on our Industrial CNC 203 unit.”

Chris Shearer, PhD

Once I tested RhinoCAM, it was like OK, this is what I want to use! RhinoCAM’s ease of use made learning and understanding the concepts of CAM and g-code programming much easier, I think. I like how it’s integrated into Rhino. I had no previous CAD or CAM training or experience and your CAMJam self-training video archive was very helpful to me and still is.

I really like how RhinoCAM is easy to learn and makes CAM programming easy to understand! The integration with Rhino makes design changes much faster and the technical support is fantastic!

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Julie Pedalino
Owner/Operator / Pedalino Bicycles

Why do we use RhinoCAM? It’s cost-effective, accurate and not difficult to understand! I like the integration between Rhino and RhinoCAM – it allows a workflow where changes in the design process are immediately visible to the CAM toolpaths which is invaluable. Plus, your tech support is always there when I need help. The close relationship we have developed over the years means a lot to me. I’m very happy with RhinoCAM!

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Jim Orth
Owner/Operator / Riverview Hobbies

Bernie Solo loves RhinoCAM so much that he actually puts it as a hashtag in his posts! Why do I do that? I guess it’s just that I’m the kind of a guy that says: Hey, this is what I use, I like it and it works really well!

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Bernie Solo
Owner/Operator / WorksbySolo

Most of the jobs in our workshop are now machined using VisualCAD/CAM. Even after many years, I’m still surprised at how user friendly it is. It’s ease of use and price/performance make it the #1 choice for entry-level metalworking workshops and a top-buy for woodwork/woodcarving shops!

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Kirs Tirelis

I model all of my designs in Rhino because I find it to be a very intuitive CAD program. For this reason, RhinoCAM was a natural fit for us. We have the 3-5 Axis Premium configuration and find the interface to be very user friendly and the the learning curve to be very smooth.

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Gordon Barnard
Designer + Engineer / Savsu technologies

Why do we use VisualMILL? Ease of Use is the primary reason! We don’t want our kids getting overwhelmed by the software. I’ve discussed this with instructors from a nearby school who use Mastercam and the kids there are really struggling just to use the CAM software. It takes so much time to learn new software that when you find something that both works and is easy to use, you stay with it!

I spent this past summer trying to use Fusion 360 from Autodesk and it was a miserable experience! It was so hard that I basically gave up. I’m sure that if I struggled with it more it would be easier but I didn’t want to spend the time.

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Tony Cosby

When we find a design problem during the machining process, we don’t have to open two different programs – we just fix the design in Rhino, and then RhinoCAM immediately lets us know that we need to regenerate our toolpaths!

RhinoCAM is extremely fast and very efficient! Also, when I design something in Rhino, I know that RhinoCAM is reading my Rhino file directly, not a translated version of the file. I know from experience that in any file translation, you lose detail – Not so with RhinoCAM!

Carl & Gina Hill
Owner/Operators / Quail Pens
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