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2014 ended with a bang for us here at MecSoft as we entered the rapidly emerging 3D printing market with a new product called Rhino3DPRINT. Along with our traditional CAM products we are well positioned to help our customers who are transitioning to this new technology. But aside from the thrill of introducing exciting new technology such as Rhino3DPRINT we are always grateful for your comments and your encouragement. We were especially touched during the holiday season late last year when one of our customers told us that “You feed my family!” This is a validation of our mission of one small business helping other small businesses thrive. So we hope you enjoy this newsletter where we highlight not only information on our products, but also the work our customers are doing with our products.

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Rhino3DPRINT® 2015 Software Released!
MecSoft Partners with GoodFA in Korea
VisualCAM 2014 certified for SolidWorks 2015

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A comment on out AMS training webinar…
“Just a note to say thanks. Please keep doing them. I learn something every time.” — John Hartley, WI, USA
“In an educational setting, we are constantly cutting and milling one off’s while demonstrating how information is passed to CNC machinery for rapid prototyping. RhinoCAM’s seamless interaction within Rhino 5 has easily allowed students to visualize dry runs of their milling file and understand machine parameters, which in a design faculty dramatically improves an iterative design process. We really appreciate the flexibility and ease of workflow that RhinoCAM offers. Thanks MecSoft!!”

— Jason Hare, Univ. of Manitoba, Canada
“Dear Mecsoft Team, In my personal and professional life I use many different software packages, from CAD design, all the way through to programming interfaces. The CAM area is a hobby for me, and I have no formal training in using these CAM programs the transition to 5 axis programming has been rough! Having to rely on whatever information I can find on forums, YouTube and FaceBook groups to learn many of the obscure packages I own, has taught me one thing.. the difference between a “good” program and a “bad” program goes way beyond its coding… it’s in its support, and first level training, videos, reading materials.. while MecSoft has all of these, it’s the support that really needs to be applauded! The ability to provide fundamental usage, and error correction advice quickly and succinctly, for a product like RhinoCAM 2014 is a critical factor, as it’s a complex beast to get your head around as a non machinist, and you might be hopelessly lost, if not for the patient and sage advice delivered by the MecSoft team. Thank you all!”

— Chris Botha, Sydney, NSW  

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