Production machining is characterized by parts that are typically prismatic and require mostly 2-1/2 Axis Milling, Hole Making and in some cases Turning operations. Our CAM products have the following powerful features to support machining of such parts…

  • Facing
  • Pocketing & High Speed Pocketing
  • Hole Pocketing
  • Undercut Milling
  • Profiling
  • Re-machining
  • Hole Making
  • Thread Milling
  • Turning – Roughing, finishing, grooving, threading
  • Knowledge Bases for families of part

Customer Successes

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While most of us (if we’re lucky) get to follow our passion into the workplace, Julie Pedalino from Lenexa, Kansas has found a way to combine not one, but two passions into an exciting new startup at Pedalino Bicycles; one of just a handful of female custom bike frame builders in the world.


BRG Racing Products is located at 110 2nd Ave S, Ste D12 Pacheco, CA 94553 and specializes in high-performance custom vehicles including 1950,1960, and 1970 era muscle cars, Hary Davidson motorcycles, sport bikes, dirt bikes, and more! BRG Racing takes and finishes the custom jobs that other shops cannot or refuse to handle, all on time and under budget!

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