What’s New in VisualCAMc

August 6, 2019 update


  • Tooltips detailing parameter information has been implemented for all dialogs
  • Multi-session support for concurrent use of part files has been implemented

June 18, 2019 update


Bug Fixes

  • Changing values in an Onshape configuration does not update the CAD model in VisualCAMc
  • Adding or deleting sketches does not reload geometry in VisualCAMc
  • Tab names sometimes disappeared when editing a machining operation

April 25, 2019 update


  • Simulation performance was enhanced significantly for large simulation models
  • Minor UI changes (added VisualCAMc logo, renamed Milling tab, moved Units section to the right)
  • Updated formatting of all numeric inputs to leave out trailing zeros

Bug Fixes

  • Pick Top under cut levels tab does not establish the correct start Z value when Machine tool coordinate system is rotated from WCS orientation
  • Exiting simulation mode after simulating all operations crashes VisualCAMc and displays a frowning face
  • Sketches selected as regions are dropped from the machining operation when the document is closed and reopened
  • Editing the parameters in Edit Tool dialog (by entering a value or using spinner increment) leaves the Save button grayed out

March 25, 2019 update


  • Analysis commands for Vertex, Distance, Arc Diameter, Angle Bounding Box and Center have been added
  • Improved graphics of pre-selection highlighting and selection lines (increased thickness, added transparency)
  • Added highlighted display of the surfaces and curves when inside a pick or analyze command
  • Updated default pre-selection and selection colors
  • Added customization of pre-selection and selection colors to the Preferences dialog
  • Added point snapping for all pick and analyze commands
  • Reorganized Main toolbar by adding a tabbed toolbar with Home, Milling and Analyze tabs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display of sketch points: now only the points created by the user are displayed
  • Fixed error when trying to save a machining operation with “empty” parameter set
  • Fixed issue with pressing the disabled toolbar buttons through keyboard input
  • Fixed issue with edge selection after resizing the graphics window
  • Fixed issue with pre-selection highlighting of sketches

December 19, 2018 update


  • Parallel/Perspective View switching is now possible
  • Simulation of entire setup has been implemented
  • A new subscriber registration dialog has been implemented
  • Machining time is now displayed in the Operation and Setup tooltips
  • Annual subscription is now possible in VisualCAMc
  • Machining operations can be generated without exiting the edit panel
  • Restrictions on multi-access of same part has been implemented
  • Added a correctness check before toolpath generation

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with saving machining operation if it was created right after another not saved operation has been fixed
  • Fixed incorrect Taper Ball Mill and Corner Radius tools in simulation
  • Fixed issue with inheriting session information when a user loads the same document
  • Fixed issue when user is prompted to load the part each time he activates the VisualCAMc tab
  • Fillet mill tool not displayed correctly in simulation is fixed

October 18, 2018 update

Bug Fixes

  • Task Progress Manager is not being cleared when a mop is deleted from the machining job
  • WorkZero “Set to Stock Box” displays incorrectly transformed when Cylinder Stock is used
  • Cut Levels (Bottom) in 3 Axis Z Level Finishing truncates values to 2 decimal places
  • Drill cycles are output as canned cycles when Always output as liner motions is selected
  • Fixed issue with toggling stock visibility when in simulation mode
  • Fixed issue with toggling stock visibility when in simulation mode
  • Fixed issue with Stock Box does not display properly with non-standard work-zero settings
  • Fixed issue with cylindrical stock simulation

September 18, 2018 update


  • Real-time cut material simulation has been implemented
  • Auto-save functionality has been added. Auto-save frequency can be set as a preference
  • CAM data now being saved when session expires
  • Ability to define 4 and 5 axis machines in the Machine Setup dialog to allow for indexed 3+2 machining
  • Now setting the cylinder axis based on machine definition when creating Cylinder or Part Cylinder stock
  • Help documentation has been enhanced with new content

Bug Fixes

  • Creating a new setup does not inherit the orientation from previous setup
  • Posting a Machining Job does not output table rotation angles for each setup when machine definition is set to 4 or 5 axis
All toolpath data has been deleted to get the product ready for release. However, all machining operation data (parameters, tooling etc.) has been preserved. You will have to regenerate each operation to re-create it’s toolpath.

August 7, 2018 update


  • Modifications to region selection behavior (On-line help describes these changes)

Bug Fixes

  • “Internal server error” caused by ad-blocker plugin
  • Deleting a part from a multi-body part in a part studio and switch to VisualCAMc errors out
  • Work Zero shows bounding box in WCS orientation for set to stock box when MCS is not aligned with WCS
  • Using spacebar to drop all selected regions does not work in Firefox browser

June 11, 2018 update


  • Part load now honors part configurations
  • Facing operation extracts the stock model silhouette boundary automatically if no curves are selected for machining
  • Added pick two points on part for calculation of depth in machining operations
  • Toolpath Settings dialog was added
  • etting the cylinder axis to be parallel to the machining Z axis default for Cylinder and Part Cylinder stock
  • Added notification after the part was reloaded
  • User settings for post processing has been added
  • Help button was added to the Preferences dialog

Bug Fixes

  • Part is not updated when reopening document without switching to VisualCAMc tab
  • Prevent reloading the part selected in VisualCAMc tab, after modifying another part in the Part Studio
  • Geometry is not updated after reopening a shared document that was modified by another user
  • Geometry is not automatically reloaded when a part studio that contains a multi-body part is modified
  • The Mop(s) are not flagged dirty to prompt the user to regenerate the toolpath when geometry is changed in Onshape
  • Selecting add tool tip to drill depth on a Deep Drill operation drills deeper than what is should when compared to standard drill
  • Restore client-side mops active regions after geometry was updated in the part geometry
  • Prevent reloading of the part if user just switches from one configuration to another in Onshape
  • Error when trying to save Work Zero operation
  • Updated versioning notification popup to the view that more consistent with Onshape
  • Selecting Set to Stock box in Work Zero dialog does not show options to specify Face and Position when stock is defined using Cylinder or Part Cylinder stock

May 3, 2018 update


  • Un-selecting selections now work similar to Onshape
  • Setting Work Offset register # in the Work Zero operation has been implemented
  • The Machine Setup dialog has been enhanced
  • Cylinder stock can now be created
  • Part Cylinder stock can be created
  • Color settings for CAM objects has been implemented
  • User settings for post processing has been added
  • Feeds & Speeds dialog has been updated
  • Graphical picking for depth calculation has been implemented

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot rotate model view when you use Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs
  • The feedrate reduction for bridges & tabs in profiling is not working
  • VisualCAMc tab takes extremely long time to load when there is CAM data with several regions selected
  • Multiple setups added back based on customer feedback

March 27, 2018 update


  • A new method for creating box stock has been added
  • Improved picking of edge geometry has been implemented
  • Added the ability to pick the top location of control geometry in each of the applicable Machining Operations has been introduced
  • Additional feed rate values for plunge, approach, departure and transfer been added to all machining operations
  • Removed “Mill module” button from user interface since the first module release will be the Milling module

Bug Fixes

  • In Drill mop, adding drill tip to depth causes incorrect cut model in subsequent machining operations
  • Importing tool library shows no data for Tool & Flute length for a “Vee” Mill
  • Setup is flagged dirty after you add work zero or a machining operation
  • Editing a setup and renaming it does not make the OK button active
  • V-carving toolpath is generated above the part region when location of cut geometry is set to “At Top”
  • Cut direction is not initialized by default in radio controls in 2 axis pocketing
  • Rotating machine setup from WCS orientation and programming toolpath results in incorrect coordinate values in posted code
  • Now showing the help menu with available options when user clicks directly on the split button and not only on the drop-down arrow

Feb 21, 2018 update

New Tool Library Manager with updated User Interface has been introduced

  • Tool Libraries from MecSoft’s desktop CAM systems can now be used with VisualCAMc
  • Tool libraries can be saved and loaded from local device’s file system
  • Multiple tool libraries can be loaded for tool selection and utilization

New Post-Processor Manager with updated User Interface has been added

  • Post-processors from MecSoft’s desktop CAM systems can now be used with VisualCAMc
  • Customized post-processors from MecSoft support can now be loaded

Feb 01, 2018 update

Additional 2 1/2 Axis Machining Operations

The following new 2 1/2 Axis machining operations have been added to VisualCAMc

  • Hole Pocketing
  • Hole Profiling
  • Thread Milling
  • T-slotting

View Zoom based on mouse location

The view zoom is performed with the mouse location used as the center point of the zoom function.

New version of Parasolid libraries

Newer version of Parasolid libraries has been integrated with VisualCAMc.

Dec 11, 2017 update

New 2 1/2 Axis Machining Operations

The following new 2 1/2 Axis machining operations have been added to VisualCAMc

  • V-carve Roughing
  • V-carve Finishing
  • Slotting
  • Chamfering
  • Filleting

Updated Parameters for all other 2 1/2 Axis Machining Operations

All the parameters for the remaining 2 1/2 Axis operations have been updated to include all of the parameters found in the desktop VisualCAD/CAM product.

Machining Operation Tree Control Enhancements

The ability to multi-select machining operations in the Machining Operation tree control has been implemented. In addition to this, drag & drop mechanism has been introduced in this tree control to allow users to reorder machining operations in the tree.

Use of Onshape mouse settings

VisualCAMc now reads Onshape’s mouse settings to implement the same behavior in graphics manipulation.