VisualMILL used as an important tool in international summer school

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For 15 years now, Jade Hochschule in Wilhelmshaven has hosted the annual international “Biomedical Engineering Summerschool”, which lasts for three weeks.

In different courses, 73 students from 20 countries got theoretical and practical insights into the different fields of activity within medical engineering.

The course “Microfluidic Devices” had 15 students devise different microfluidic mixing structures for pH-measurement in theory, and also manufacture them with a micro milling machine for testing.

This course lasted only four days, so everybody had to work very efficiently and goal oriented. Since only few had any previous CAD experience, the designs were created per CAD as 2D DXF-files. Those files where then moved into VisualMILL and milled in PMMA.

VisualMILL made it easy for inexperienced students. They would load the CAD file, define the different areas for the milling tools and then set up all the machining parameters securely.
This way, the participants had no trouble creating their first NC-codes for the micro CNC milling machine.

REM image of the milled structure

The pictures from the electron microscope show the high aspect ratio and the outstanding realization of the CAD design as well as the exact machining by the micro milling machine.

Completed microfluid structure    

Test of the structure with two differently coloured fluids

On the foundation of their theoretical knowledge about the laminary fluid flow ratio, the students have designed micro mixing machines and with the help of VisualMILL were able to fabricate their design, test it experimentally and then use it as pH measuring device.
Jade Hochschule
Friedrich-Paffrath-Straße 101
DE-26389 Wilhelmshaven

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