VisualCAMc – Production CAM for Onshape



VisualCAMc for Onshape is CAM software application on the cloud that allows you to create 2 ½ Axis, 3 Axis and 3+2 milling cutter paths for Onshape design files. This product leverages the legendary manufacturing capabilities of our Windows desktop CAM software VisualCAM running on the cloud. A brand new browser based user interface allows this product to be used from any computer, any time and from anywhere in the world. We are offering an attractive introductory price for this product.

Click on the button above to go to the Onshape App store and subscribe to VisualCAMc.

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Use the following resources to get started with VisualCAMc
Data Sheet of VisualCAMc Data Sheet
Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide Video video
Getting Started Guide Getting Started Guide
How to access the VisualCAMc for Onshape App video
User Interface Examined video
Part Setup video
Creating cutting tools video
2½ Axis Machining video
3 Axis Machining video
Hole Machining video
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Feature List

The table below summarizes the current features of VisualCAMc. Additional features are being added and the product will be periodically updated as new features become available..

2 1/2-Axis Milling
V-Carve Roughing
High Speed Pocketing
Hole Profiling
Hole Pocketing
T-Slot Milling
Slot Milling
Thread Milling
3 Axis Milling
Horizontal Roughing
Parallel Finishing
Horizontal Finishing
Radial Machining
Spiral Machining
3+2 Axis Milling
Machining from multiple orientations (5 Axis Indexed Machining)
Hole Making
Reverse Boring
User Defined Cycles
Standard Tools (Ball, Flat, C Rad., Vee, Drill)
Advanced Tools (Taper,Tap,Bore,R.Bore)
Tool Animation
Material Removal Simulation
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