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Sheldon Dingwall and Dingwall Guitars (Saskatoon, SK Canada) is one of the pioneers in the development of today’s multi-scale fan fret electric bass guitar. Sheldon was a player from a very young age, first learning the piano at age 5, drums and then guitar at age 12! But Sheldon didn’t stop there. He decided to build his own guitar in his uncle’s cabinet shop where he learned the critical woodworking skills from a master craftsman. 

The VisualCAD/CAM Difference

Dingwall Guitars has been operating continuously for the past 32 years manufacturing thousands of their electric bass guitars from their 8,000 square foot facility. Sheldon learned early on the importance of digital manufacturing and has successfully implemented VisualCAD/CAM from MecSoft Corporation with their Fadal CNC milling center on thousands of components over the past twenty years. We recently sat down with Sheldon to learn more about the Dingwall brand and how VisualCAD/CAM fits into their manufacturing process.

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“We started out using VectorCAM and then migrated to VisualCAM. The difference was night and day! VisualCAM is a much more robust and certainly a much better overall experience.
Sheldon Dingwall
 Dingwall Guitars Inc.
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

The VisualCAM Project

The VisualCAD/CAM project chosen for this case study is the CNC machined body of the Dingwall D-ROC electric bass guitar in its standard configuration. This is one of three ready-to-play guitar models from the Dingwall line. See more electric bass guitars in the Dingwall line further on in this article.

What sets this VisualCAD/CAM part file apart from other 3 Axis machining jobs is that only one 3D surface is required. Both the top and back are 3D contoured. It is used to define the sculpted top face of the D-ROC body. The remaining geometry are 2D and 3D curves. These curves are used to drive each of the 2½ Axis and 3 Axis toolpaths used to complete the machining job. The illustrated VisualCAD/CAM part file is shown below indicating the toolpath strategies used to complete the top side of the Dingwall D-ROC electric bass guitar

Here are the VisualCAM operation types used to machine the Dingwall D-ROC body.
We want to extend a very special thanks to Sheldon Dingwall and his team at Dingwall Guitars for allowing us to share their phenomenal success story!
Cool project Sheldon!

Thank you for allowing us to showcase your work!

More D-ROCS!

We couldn’t let you go before proudly showing off more D-ROC electric basses from Dingwall Guitars. Here are just a few pics and reviews. Be sure to visit Dingwall Guitars at the social media links provided below! D-ROC Enjoy!
Want to hear the D-Roc? Watch these demos!
Dingwall D-Roc Custom Bass Demo
Dingwall D-ROC Custom Bass Demo

More Shop Pics from Dingwall Guitars!

Dingwall Guitars has now manufactured over 20,000 electric bass guitars each a work of art, craftsmanship and companionship! Here are some additional pics from the shop at Dingwall Guitars.

Dingwall Ready-to-Play Guitars

Dingwall Guitars offers multiple lines of ready-to-play electric bass guitars, including the CombustionNG Adam “Nolly” Getgood Signature and D-ROC models. Note: The D-Roc series is illustrated here in this case study. The Ready to Play series are made in China then setup and final inspection are done in the Dingwall Canada facilities. The Custom-Made line, Afterburner Series, Super Series, D-Roc Custom, Z Series and Prima Artist are all manufactured in Dingwall’s Canada facilities.
NG Adam “Nolly” Getgood Signature

Dingwall Custom Guitars

Dingwall Guitars offers multiple lines of fully customizable electric bass guitars. You can select from the woodfinish and neck inlay options. Here are just a few.
Z Series
Lee Sklar Signature Series
Prima Artist Series

Just a few Dingwall Players

Dingwall Guitars boasts some of the finest electric bass guitar players in the industry today. Here are just a few. You can find a more complete list here.
Leeland Sklar
Adam “Nolly” Getgood
Rob Van Der Loo

More about Dingwall Guitars

Dingwall basses have been synonymous with great tone, definition and the “Best B in the business!” But don’t take our word for it. Visit them online now to see and hear what industry legends and every day rockers have to say!
Follow Dingwall Guitars Online at:

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