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Many of you have asked for more training materials on VisualCAD, MecSoft’s free CAD drawing and modeling program! In response, we very excited to announce the release of The VisualCAD 2019 Exercise Guide, a FREE 200-page guide to using VisualCAD, MecSoft’s free CAD program! VisualCAD can be download as part VisualCAD/CAM 2019. This guide includes 8 detailed exercises with over 300 detailed graphical illustrations that will get you up and running with VisualCAD in no time at all!

Here is just some of what you can expect from this exercise guide:

VisualCAD Preferences

You will learn about many of the most commonly used system options in VisualCAD including how to access the online help, set display options, tolerances and units, system options, viewports and other VisualCAD display functionality.

2D Drawing & Dimensioning

You will learn about the Layer Manager and how to create and work with layers. You will also learn how to draw quickly in VisualCAD using the menus and command line shortcuts. You will also learn how to take advantage of the Visual Aids feature to speed up your drawing creating tasks including lines, arcs curves, fillets, chamfers, trimming, dimensioning and more.
Drawing with Visual Aids Enabled

3D Modeling

3D modeling exercises take you deeper into modeling in 3D with VisualCAD. You will learn how to draw complex profiles and then extrude and revolve them to build complex 3D features from multiple viewports. How to use VisualCAD’s Graphic Manipulator to build and position components and features. You will also learn how to create cross sections at any point in the 3D model.
3D Mold Insert Design

Construction Planes

You will learn how to use Construction Planes (C-Planes) to navigate and add features and text to your 3D models. C-Planes are also critical in learning how to orient imported parts for machining. Thus learning how to orient C-Planes and how to orient parts with the use of C-planes is critical knowledge for all VisualCAD users.
Positioning C-Planes on 3D Part Faces

Illustration Examples

Here are just a few of the over 300 detailed graphic illustrations you will find in The VisualCAD Exercise Guide.
Drawing 2-Dimensional Profiles
Using Profiles to create Part Features
Positioning Features on the Part
Positioning C-Planes on Part Faces
Creating Text Curves on a 3D Part for Engraving

What’s Inside

The VisualCAD Exercise Guide is packed full of information that will help you become more proficient with VisualCAD, MecSoft’s free CAD drawing and modeling program. Here is the complete list of topics included in this must-have companion guide.
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          Access the online help.
          Set the Display Style.
          Set the Units to Inches.
          Set System Options.
          Set to Quad Viewports.
          Viewing the Command Prompts.
          The Status Bar.

2D Drawing & Dimensioning
          Create Layers.
          Curve Drawing.
          Using Visual Aids.

3D Modeling a Spanner
          Set to the Top View.
          Create Reference Points.
          Create Inner Cutouts.
          Trim Curves.
          Offset, Extend & Trim Curves.
          Fillet Curves.
          Mirror Curves.
          Merge Curves.
          Extrude Curves.

3D Model a Base Plate
          Draw the Base Plate Profile.
          Extrude the Base Plate.
          Model the Tube.
          Create a New Layer.
          Edit Geometry Properties.

3D Model a Mold Insert
          Extrude the Body.
          Extrude the Flange.
          Extrude the Upper Pocket.
          Extrude the Lower Pocket.
          Revolve the Center Bosses.
          Extrude the Connection Bar.
          Extrude the Connection Wall.
          Extrude Ejector Pin Holes.
          Change Geometry Layer.
          Create Section Curves.

3D Model a Connector Block
          Model the Main Body.
          Model the Front Access.
          Model the Top Access.
          Model the Mounting Holes.
          Modify the Top Access.
          Create Section Curves.

3D Model a Daisy Decor
          Create new Layers.
          Model & Scale the Body.
          Model & Scale the Pedal.
          Ghosted Display Mode.
          Polar Array the Pedal.
          Additional Spheres Accents.
          Create & Trim Section Curves.
          Create Offset Curves.
          Create the Stock Boundary.

Using Construction Planes
          Orient the C-Plane.
          Draw on a Face.
          Other C-Plane Options.
          Orient the Part.

How to Download this Guide

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The VisualCAD Exercise Guide is available as a FREE download to ALL MecSoft users! To download this guide, just select the link below:

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