Changes to 2020 CAM Products

Fixes in January 2020

20 Jan – MESH – Boolean Subtract fails in RhinoCAM 2019 & 2020 for all cases” was fixed
24 Jan – Some of tooltips are not shown in the TURN module on the Create/Select Tools dialog was fixed

Fixes in February 2020

05 Feb – Toolpath Display Thickness” preference does nothing was fixed
05 Feb – The “Delete” option was removed from the top-level Fixture icon
05 Feb – Portuguese translation files were updated
11 Feb – in RC2020, AC2020 and VC4SW2020, there is no MillTurn folder under “C:\ProgramData\MecSoft Corporation\VisualCAM 2020\Posts” like there is for VCC2020. was fixed
12 Feb – Outputting annoying messages about AMS expiry only once every day
12 Feb – Selecting Remove Active or Remove All, does not remove sheet from being displayed in the viewport unless you close the dialog or refresh the view port. was fixed
13 Feb – Machine Tool Coordinate System was implemented in G-Code Editor module
13 Feb – Bug FN-681 “5 axis mops fails to honor gouge check surfaces in VisualCADCAM was fixed
14 Feb – In G-Code Editor, the MCS Setup dialog is misslabeled as “Box Stock” and the Help button is displaying (context ID #154) the Box Stock help topic when it should be calling was fixed
14 Feb – Triad display is from the G-code editor module that is being displayed in other modules. was fixed
17 Feb – G-Code Editor MCS was enabled in VisualCADCAM and in Rhino
18 Feb – In RC2020 (10.0.381) G-Code Editor, there is a display clipping when there is no geometry was fixed
20 Feb – In RC2020 (10.0.394) G-Code Editor, there is a still a display clipping when there is only a stock definition was fixed
21 Feb – VCC2020 Profile-NEST auto tagging options has issues with all tags being displayed on the default layer. was fixed
24 Feb – Creating a mop flags the mop as dirty when generated. was fixed
25 Feb – Selecting Stock – Box Stock orients the Stock in the WCS orientation when you load a saved part with MCS rotated from WCS in G-code Editor module. was fixed

Fixes in March 2020

02 Mar – Fails to Profile-Nest the Part 2 shown for attached test case was fixed
03 Mar – Selecting a Planar Surface to orient Machine Tool Coordinate System in G-code editor module fails to orient the coordinate system. was fixed
03 Mar – When creating new WorkZero operation there is no selected options by default was fixed
04 Mar – PIM file open type was added to the G-Code Editor module
05 Mar – Cut material for only the first two profiles are displayed and then a serious unhandled error message was fixed
06 Mar – when Machine CSYS from Mill-Nest Module sets to Mill Module was fixed
10 Mar – The Features tab of the CAM Preferences dialog needs to be removed as there are no feature functions in MILL-TURN was fixed
10 Mar – The Help button on the “Create Tool Double Contact Regions” dialog is not working. was fixed
12 Mar – VCC2020 Profile-NEST auto tagging options set to annotation, you cannot read the tags as well as them all being on the default layer was fixed
12 Mar – G-Code Editor Module – Crashes app to desktop when selecting No in ‘No appropriate tools. Use default’ dialog was fixed
13 Mar – Work Zero translation is not handled correctly when posted from FreeMILL and posts all toolpaths from WCS was fixed
16 Mar – Unnecessary QuickStart files were removed from VisualCADCAM and RhinoCAM installers
16 Mar – VisualCAM 2020 for SolidWORKS fails to install with message “install SolidWORKS before installing VisualCAM 2020 for SolidWORKS” when SolidWORKS 2020 is already installed was fixed
18 Mar – VC4SW2020 Profile-NEST fails when external cornering is set to sharp was fixed
18 Mar – Copy model bounding box when creating stock does not exclude fixtures in VisualCAM for SolidWORKS was fixed
19 Mar – Offset curve fails in VisualCAD 2020 was fixed
19 Mar – G-Code Editor – backplot does not display arcs correctly when arcs in g-code are in radius format for attached test case was fixed
20 Mar – Using expression to scale the thread pitch by 1000 times does not produce the correct output when defined correctly in post was fixed
24 Mar – Changing max display interval value under Preferences – Simulation does not enable the Apply button in the dialog in G-Code Editor module was fixed
25 Mar – Toolpath is off the surface in RhinoCAM 2020 was fixed
26 Mar – Knife tool is not displayed in Alibre Design viewport was fixed
31 Mar – Editing 2 axis facing mop that is generated using feature detection errors out with serious unhandled error was fixed

Fixes in April 2020

09 Apr – Selecting/Highlighting a machining region in a mop under control geometry tab does not show the selected region on the part geometry clearly with hoops display was fixed
09 Apr – Selecting High Speed for cut pattern in 2 axis Pocketing, Roughing in AlibreCAM 2020 locks up the Application was fixed
16 Apr – Selecting Stock or Work Zero in VisualCAM for SolidWORKS crashes SolidWORKS to desktop for attached test case was fixed
20 Apr – Updated translation script, added sisulizer projects for all languages
20 Apr – Toolpath is faceted on some of the surfaces in the attached test case in RhinoCAM 2019 was fixed
22 Apr – Added new signing certificates
22 Apr – Updated German translation
23 Apr – Holder Collision during simulation in multi axis toolpaths was added
28 Apr – Feature detection fails to detect open slots, when the filters are set to only detect open slots was fixed
29 Apr – Saving Mop to KB with cut material color assigned to tool and loading KB resets cut material color to defaults was fixed

Fixes in May 2020

05 May – Drill mop fails to generate and goes into an infinite loop when cut transfer is set to skim and part only contains 2d geometry was fixed
07 May – Issues with explode cabinet design was fixed
08 May – Export Sheets to files in Nesting results in a bad mesh when the sheets are loaded back for attached test case was fixed
11 May – Execute Nest or Estimate # of Sheets crashes RhinoCAM 2020 for R6 to desktop on customers machine for True Shape Nesting was fixed
11 May – Selecting a rectangle as sheet to nest creates multiple entries under sheets in Select Sheets to Nest Parts in tab was fixed
12 May – Selecting all features in feature tree & selecting delete crashes application to desktop was fixed
14 May – RhinoCAM-NEST. CADDbIF returns multiple instances of selected objects for one curve. was fixed
15 May – Selecting Use for engraving & sign making in Part Options under Nesting does not work consistently when some curves are right on the part extents was fixed
20 May – Updated RhinnoCAM SDK
22 May – MOps created by API displayed as dirty after Regeneration for RhinoCAM SDK was fixed

Fixes in June 2020

03 Jun – Updated Chinese translation
03 Jun – RhinoCAM API User documentation was updated
03 Jun – RhinoCAM SDK “Can’t create MOps without active tool was fixed
03 Jun – RhinoCAM SDK “RhinoCAM get wrong resources when activating module from API was fixed
03 Jun – When WorkZero Mop that was created from API always dirty was fixed
04 Jun – Updated French translation files for multi-language installers
05 Jun – Closing document when multiple SolidWORKS documents are open crashes application to desktop with VisualCAM add-in loaded was fixed