RhinoCAM used in FabLab Munich

FabLab Munchen LogoFabLab Munich is an open, high-tech workshop for creative people.  It offers learning experiences and working areas: including working space, manufacturing equipment, information and communication technology.  Furthermore knowledge, inventiveness and socio-culture are combined there.  Interaction between persons with a broad variety of expertise (e.g. computer scientists, mechanical engineer, technicians, artists, designer, architects, craftsmen, pedagogues…) effects new perspectives and inspires technicians as well as artist and designers. The FabLab Munich includes a variety of manufacturing equipment, for example: laser cutter, 3D printer, and CNC milling machines.  Along with cost considerations, attention is also paid to high user-friendliness in the selection of machines and software to enable all creative people to easily accomplish their designs and projects The 3D printer and the laser cutter mainly work with plastics or wood and the CNC milling machines offer the possibility to work with additional materials, like metals, with high precision.  The CAM software used at FabLab is RhinoCAM from MecSoft.  It is particularly suitable for our needs, since it supports all common CAD formats required by our users and is very easy to learn and use. In their workshops, FabLab members learn how to operate the program to complete their projects on their own.  The intuitive usability of RhinoCAM helps to generate results very quickly and to realize their own ideas when building real objects.  Everyone is extremely happy when they are finally holding their own work piece for the first time. RhinoCAM has proven its worth in the divers working environment of FabLab and offers the perfect interface between different CAD applications. The following pictures show the step-by-step creation of a part, consisting of two milled halves.  The CNC tool paths to machine the part were created using RhinoCAM. Step 1

FabLab Munich Capture1

Steps 2 & 3

FabLab Munich Capture 2-3

Step 4

FabLab Munich Capture4

Step 5

FabLab Munich Capture5

Steps 6-9

FabLab Munich Capture 6-9


FabLab Munich Capture10



Scott is International Sales Manager for MecSoft Corporation. Before joining MecSoft in 2011, Scott worked for Siemens PLM, and has several decades of experience in the machining industry. Scott has a very strong technical background as well as outstanding people skills which makes him perfect for managing MecSoft’s international resellers & partners.

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