RhinoCAM-NEST 2022



RhinoCAM-NEST, a separately priced module, is MecSoft’s cost effective solution for optimally arranging and fitting geometric shapes onto sheets of stock material. RhinoCam-NEST provides two primary nesting capabilities: Rectangular Nesting and True Shape Nesting. For both RhinoCAM-NEST solutions, individual 2D CAD shapes can be arranged on sheets according to user-defined quantities, spacing, editing, modeling, and with orientation control, including material grain restrictions.

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RhinoCAM-NEST is included FREE in all configurations of RhinoCAM-MILL!

Learn More

Use the following resources to get started with RhinoCAM – NEST:

Watch a feature presentation overview of RhinoCAM-NEST Feature Presentation
Learn about the new features in RhinoCAM – NEST 2022 What’s New Document
Tutorial the explains how to use rectangular nesting video
Tutorial the explains how to use arbitrary shape nesting video
RhinoCAM 2022 – NEST Quick Start Guide Document PDF

Feature List

Product Architecture RhinoCAM-NEST
64 Bit Version
User Interface RhinoCAM-NEST
Wizard Interface
Preview before output
Nesting Methods RhinoCAM-NEST
Rectangular (sometimes referred to as ‘block’ nesting)
True Shape
2D & 3D Parts
Global Parameters RhinoCAM-NEST
Distance limits between part and sheet
Distance limits between two adjacent parts
Accuracy of nesting
Sheet Parameters RhinoCAM-NEST
Sheet start corner
Nesting direction
Grain direction
Unlimited number of sheets
Sheet layering by color
Part Parameters RhinoCAM-NEST
Distance limits between part and part
Rotation limits
Island recognition
Output Parameters RhinoCAM-NEST
Estimation of # of sheets needed for nest
Overflow Utilization
Tagging of Nests