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Many of you have asked and now the wait is over! RhinoCAM 2018 now supports Rhino 6 for Windows! You can download and evaluate RhinoCAM 2018 here. Rhino 6 is one of the most anticipated and long-awaited version upgrades to the popular Rhinoceros CAD and Design Modeling platform to date. Rhino 6 includes many new features and thousands of usability enhancements. Grasshopper is now a part of Rhino! You will find many enhancements in the areas of Presentation, Display, Documentation, Licensing & Administration, Make2D, Refinements, Development Platform and Serengeti.

RhinoCAM 2018, with its impressive array of new features and enhancements, now fully supports Rhino 6. By far the most exciting new RhinoCAM 2018 enhancement is Automatic Feature Machining (AFM) that allows you to completely automate your machining tasks. AFM unlocks the feature-rich information hidden within 3D solid models and allows you to apply the CAM knowledge rules that are unique to your machining processes. 


Here are some recent posts that tell you more about Feature Machining in RhinoCAM 2018:

RhinoCAM 2018 running inside Rhino 6 showing Cut Material Simulation of Center, Deep and Chamfer Drilling, 2½ Axis Pocketing & Chamfering, 3 Axis Horizontal Roughing and 3 Axis Parallel Finishing. Watch the video version here!

More about this RhinoCAM Part

Here are some CAM programming details about the cut material simulation shown above created in RhinoCAM 2018 and Rhino 6. Enjoy!

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2½ Axis Pocketing, 0.500” dia. End Mill, Offset pattern, 25% Stepover, Climb cut, Cleanup Pass, 2.125” deep at 0.5” cut levels, Zero Stock, Ramp entry and Linear exit
3 Axis Z-Level Roughing, 0.5” End Mill, Mixed cut, Facing/Offset pattern, 25% Stepover, 50% Stepdown, 0.1” Stock, shown in Z Level Display
3 Axis Parallel Finishing, 3 degree C-Radius Taper Mill, Mixed cut, 25% Stepover, Linear entry/exit, with cut containment
2½ Axis Chamfering, 45 degree V-Mill, 0.25 deep, 0.125” cutting width and 0.0625” Stepover
Part Geometry: NURB Surfaces, Containment Geometry: 2D Curves, Stock definition 42” x 35” x 2.625”
Hole Machining, 0.125” dia. spot drill, 1” dia. deep drill, 0.1 peck increments, 1.25” dia. countersink drill, directional sort, 4 holes total

More about RhinoCAM 2018

If you’re new to RhinoCAM, have a look at our RhinoCAM Product PageRhinoCAM Data Sheet and What’s New in RhinoCAM 2018 documents. Want more? Have a look at the following RhinoCAM 2018 videos or visit our RhinoCAM 2018 video playlist here. RhinoCAM 2018 now includes our RhinoCAM-NEST and RhinoCAM-ART modules at no additional cost!

More about RhinoCAM Configurations

RhinoCAM – MILL is available in 5 different configurations (Express, Standard, Expert, Professional and Premium). The parts shown here were programmed using the Expert configuration. Here are some additional details about each of the available configurations. For the complete features list, visit the RhinoCAM Product Page.

  • RhinoCAM MILL Express: This is a general purpose program tailored for hobbyists, makers and students. Ideal for getting started with CAM programming. Includes 2 & 3 axis machining methods. Includes ART & NEST modules as well!
  • RhinoCAM MILL Standard: This configuration includes everything that is in the Express configuration and additional 2-1/2 Axis, 3 Axis & Drilling machining methods.
  • RhinoCAM MILL Expert: Suitable for 4 Axis rotary machining. Includes the Standard configuration plus 4 Axis machining strategies, advanced cut material simulation and tool holder collision detection.
  • RhinoCAM MILL Professional: Ideal for complex 3D machining. Includes the Standard and Expert configuration plus advanced 3 Axis machining strategies, 5 Axis indexed machining, machine tool simulation, graphical toolpath editing and a host of other features.
  • RhinoCAM MILL Premium: Tailored for complex 3D machining with both 3 Axis and full 5 Axis methods. Includes the Standard, Expert and Professional configurations plus 5 Axis simultaneous machining strategies

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