Prototype parts are typically organic in nature and invariably multi-sided.  A CAM system needs to have the capabilities for quick and easy setups, ability to approach the part from multiple sides.  Additionally, the CAM system should require much practice and training for one to be proficient with it.

  • Ease of Use
  • Multiple Setups, 3+2 Axis machining
  • 3 Axis advanced methods for machining organic shapes
    • 4 Axis continuous machining for rotary prototypes
    • Convert 2D images into 3D with VisualART

MecSoft in Prototyping: Recent Case Studies


VisualMILL at OESH Shoes
Dr. Casey Kerrigan is a Harvard Medical School graduate with a master’s degree in Kinesiology (the study of body movement). Dr. Kerrigan is known internationally for her peer-reviewed published research on gait (the study of walking & running) and the effects of footwear on the joints in the body. She published…


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