RhinoCAM Update ready for download!

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RhinoCAM Update ready for download!

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An update for RhinoCAM 2.0 is available now for immediate download at:


Please completely un-install RhinoCAM 2.0 before installation of the update. Also make sure if you have any customized post processors to save them off BEFORE you uninstall the program.

The version numbers on this update are RhinoCAM

For changes in RhinoCAM please click on:

http://www.rhinocam.com/Downloads/VM6.0 ... hanges.pdf
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Stock from Selection

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I notice this SR fixes a Stock From Selection bug. Is this the bug that occurs when there are 2 higher (Z) areas separated by a lower area and the toolpath ignors one of the higher areas? I contact you about it a few weeks ago.

Nick Scott
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