Guitar neck for newbie hobbyist

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Guitar neck for newbie hobbyist

Postby dmac252 » Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:51 am

After making guitars completely by hand for quite some time and and not being as young as I once was I find that the filing process is talking its toll on the old shoulders so I purchased an X-Carve to hopefully help in that arena. I have been sampling CAM software with the hope that I could mill the stock from a semi shaped piece of stock ( shown below ). since all of my drawing are in Solidworks I certainly assume it would be better to have something integrated. It seems to be easy enough to mill the part from a single sized piece of rectangle stock that is assumed by the software. however that would either waist a good deal of lumber or spend a good deal of time milling the air above the thinner stock portions. Since I am already old and would like to make more than a couple of neck before my demise. I was woundering if there was a way in VisualCam to mill the different dimensions of the stock from a single or linked set of processes. to date I have tried a few non integrated CAM packages that require me to create multiple non connected files and restart each job by reestablishing Zero at a new point on the stock. This has not been as successful as I would like to say the least. At least I have only been burning through Home Depot stock . Since I have no CNC or CAM experience, I have been futzing with CAD on and off for years, I can only draw guitar stock and only have interest in guitar stock. any help, advice, direction would be greatly appreciated. even if it is to say that just the way it's done multiple files, multiple zeros

anyway, thanks in advance

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