SAFENET Sentinel - Works in 2014 but not works in 2015 VM4SW

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SAFENET Sentinel - Works in 2014 but not works in 2015 VM4SW

Postby 1391560214 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:08 am

Hi to all, from Greece

I have buy the VisualMill for Solidworks 2014 in the last year, and I work correctly with the dongle until i was get the new version of Visualmill for solidworks 2015.
When I install and running the version 2015 the program brings me a registration window, and when a i press the Register Button i get the message
Succesfull registration ....etc..

but when i press the Ok button and after the close button he gives me another message window with that:
Running demo version. Contact Mecsoft....etc.

and after that the CAM working only in Demo mode.

If I deinstalling the version 2015 and I reinstalling the version 2014 then the CAM working perfectly. For your information I have A.M.S. (support contract) until May/2015.

When I contact with my seller in Europe about that problem he tell's me that the problem it is the dongle and he tell's me to pay for a new dongle.

Could any have any solution or suggestion about that because the dongle it is working correctly with the prior version.

Did anyone expirience a problem like that??

Thanks in advance
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Re: SAFENET Sentinel - Works in 2014 but not works in 2015 V

Postby Administrator » Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:57 am

Hi & Yassas,

It looks like your dongle has gone bad. We have seen that happen here in the US as well. The problem is that the dongle is not allowing the product to write to it but reading from it is working fine. And unfortunately this shows up only when you are trying to upgrade to a new version!

In any case here in the US, for all our Maintenance Service customers, if something like this happens, we have replaced the dongle free of cost to allow them to upgrade. I am surprised that your EU re-seller has asked you to pay for the dongle. Can you drop us an email to with your contact information so that we can take this up with our re-seller in EU? Thanks.
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