4th Axis MOPs rotation starting point

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4th Axis MOPs rotation starting point

Postby brucec12 » Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:47 pm

I have been doing some 4th Axis CAM with "Geomagic V12" & "AlibreCAM2.0" on a Tormach 770. The code works (I did have to do some work on the post processor), but it is taking a lot of extra machining time as the second MOP starts back at 0 degrees. Below is the relevant G-Code. The first MOP rotates continuously through 4 revolutions. In the second MOP, the code starts back at 0 degrees and it has to wait then for the 4th axis to rotate back all 4 revolutions even though if it were smarter, it would just to to the EQUIVALENT of 0 degrees. I tried to set the Cut Parameters in the 2nd MOP to Start Angle where the previous op left off but still started at 0 deg.

Is there a way to get the CAM to do this??? :?

N10 G20
N20 G90 G80 G40 G54 G17 G50 G94
N40 (4th Axis Roughing)
N50 (From Enco days. )
N60 M998
N70 M09
N80 T14 M6
N90 S3880 M03
N100 G43 H14
N105 G00 A170
N110 M07
N120 G01X0.1459Z0.0808 A180.000 F40.
N130 G01Z-0.0610 A180.000
N140 G01X0.1416 A360.000
N150 G01X-0.1107 A360.000
N160 G01X-0.1238Z-0.0523 A360.000
N170 G01X-0.1331Z-0.0503 A360.000
N180 G01X-0.2572Z-0.0500 A360.000
N190 G01X-0.2743Z-0.0408 A360.000
N200 G01X-0.3179Z-0.0390 A360.000
N210 G01X-0.6500 A360.000
N220 G01Z-0.0258 A353.474
N230 G01Z-0.0162 A347.586
N240 G01X-0.3120Z-0.0165 A347.586
N16820 G01Z-0.0390 A1440.000
N16830 G01X-0.2856 A1440.000
N16840 G01X-0.2658Z-0.0444 A1440.000
N16850 G01X-0.2565Z-0.0500 A1440.000
N16860 G01X-0.1328Z-0.0503 A1440.000
N16870 G01X-0.1123Z-0.0583 A1440.000
N16880 G01X0.1316Z-0.2220 A1440.000
N16890 G01X0.1422Z-0.2367 A1440.000
N16900 G01X0.1458Z-0.2487 A1440.000
N16910 G01Z0.0808 A1620.000
N16920 (4th Axis Parallel Finishing)
N16930 M998
N16940 M09
N16945 G00 A10
N16950 T10 M6
N16960 S5174 M03
N16970 G43 H10
N16980 M07
N16990 G01X-0.6300Z0.0433 A0.000 F30.
N17000 G01Z-0.0610 A0.000
N17010 G01X-0.3496 A0.000
N17020 G01X-0.3494Z-0.0830 A0.000
N17030 G01X-0.3263Z-0.0907 A0.000
N17040 G01X-0.3253Z-0.0720 A0.000
N17050 G01X-0.2003Z-0.0721 A0.000
N17060 G01X0.0393Z-0.2325 A0.000
N17070 G01X0.0394 A-3.711
N17080 G01X-0.2010Z-0.0725 A-3.711
N17090 G01X-0.3250 A-3.711
N17100 G01X-0.3260Z-0.0900 A-3.711
N17110 G01X-0.3495Z-0.0822 A-3.711
N17120 G01X-0.3500Z-0.0601 A-3.711
N17130 G01X-0.3644Z-0.0579 A-3.711
N17140 G01X-0.4188Z-0.0565 A-3.711
N17150 G01X-0.6025Z-0.0568 A-3.711


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