Material Thickness Changing - Need One Program

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Material Thickness Changing - Need One Program

Postby MS1570733858 » Mon Apr 26, 2021 8:22 am


The HDPE Plastic we work with varies from 0.72"-0.78".
Currently we have to have 3-10 or so of the milling operations per product that we have to change for each 0.010" change.
Meaning 90% of the tool pathing we don't need to change, but about 10% we have to change in regards to the material thickness so what material is left over is an exact thickness.

You can see the picture attached that I circled in Red a few of the operations that need to be changed depending on material thickness.

Is there a way to have a perfect world Tool pathing tree for all 0.750" material, but then when our machine goes to probe the material it knows to change the few folders in accordance to what material is loading on the machine?

Meaning if the material is 0.720" thick, that it would know to change the "1/2" Pocketing Through Hole 0.760(For 0.75)" from 0.760" depth to 0.730" depth?

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