4th axis rotational issues

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4th axis rotational issues

Postby MS1603318257 » Tue Mar 09, 2021 4:14 pm

I have an issue that is confusing me...
4th axis CNC on the +Y axis. A-axis rotation is positive in CCW direction.

Rhino 6 - RhinoCAM
If i set the Rotate Table Setup to 90 (Counter Clockwise), the export is A-90. The tool paths show this correctly. If looking up the y+ axis, the head will rotate cloclwise 90 degrees.
This being said, it does not make sense to me. Should the head not rotate counterclockwise 90 degrees and toolpaths show this?

I used this configuration from the start and never questioned it but now if I try to run Parallel Finishing or Drive Surface it produces a mirror image. I cannot seem to force it otherwise. Its like there is a setting somewhere else in RhinoCam that I need to switch.

Thanks, John
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Re: 4th axis rotational issues

Postby MecSoft Support » Fri Mar 12, 2021 6:08 pm

Rotation Direction code for Clockwise (CW) and Counter Clockwise (CCW) rotations are set in the Multi-axis tab of the post processor. By default this is set to - for CW and + for CCW on majority of the post processors. The rotate table setup rotates the Machine Coordinate System (MCS) to the specified angle and depending on the rotation direction you specify in the rotate table setup dialog the corresponding code is output from the post processor. You can edit the post processor and change the sign from CW and CCW if it is reversed on the post you are using.

As the rotation direction code only applies to rotate table setups, for continuous toolpaths if you are getting a mirror image of the part being programmed you can add change the angle value scale factor from 57.2957 to -57.2957.
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