using Form/Profile tool/bit in 5 axis

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using Form/Profile tool/bit in 5 axis

Postby Grizzel » Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:33 pm

Questions, questions. I have been using Rhino & Rhinocam for many, many years; but, just in 3 +2 machine operations. I now am ask to program using 5 axis with a form/profile cutter. Actually Rhinocam is officially not designed to do this---so---I am looking for a work-a-round to make it work. I have another software called Compass that will output to do this type of machining; however, It outputs these programs as a function of a complete project that it designs and then outputs a G-code to the machine. I have a 5 axis head to head machine. I want to draw, and then program custom parts---that are not part of a complete custom design. We purchased Rhinocam under the assumption that it would do this; however, after getting the software---we found out that it will only run with a ball mill, endmill, radius end mill, and tapered versions of those. I am writing this to see if there are people out there in the community that have developed work-a-rounds to use profile bits.

Any suggestion would help.

Also, if others out there use Compass software for stairs---give a shout out.

thanks for any help
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