RhinoCAM 2018 GUI Bug in Horizontal Finishing

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RhinoCAM 2018 GUI Bug in Horizontal Finishing

Postby 1072176624 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:17 pm

Identified in RhinoCAM 2018 v8.0.0.28.

In Horizontal Finishing enter 'Cut Levels' then type in an elevation number into 'Bottom(B)' field, or 'Top (T). The number entered, say '10' becomes '-6.9878' when either 'Save' or 'Generate' is clicked and the weird number is used for the regeneration giving screwy results. Re-enter the 'Cut Levels' dialog and the screwy number is visible in the field. Workaround by using the 'pick' function to select a point on the geometry.

System is in metric mode.
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