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RhinoCAM 2.0 is Released!

Postby Administrator » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:15 am

RhinoCAM 2.0 is ready for immediate download.

The new features that have been added are:

Powerful new machining methods
Upgraded user interface and graphics
Improved Ease of Use
Improved Productivity & Performance
Improved Stability

Download the product at:

For prospects wanting to evaluate the product:

For RhinoCAM 1.0 Customers with hardware key: http://www.rhinocam.com/Downloads/produ ... oads.shtml
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Postby DanB » Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:01 am

Does this release include multi-axis capability (3+2 axis)?


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Postby MecSoft Support » Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:13 am

Yes, it does.
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Postby ryan » Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:47 am

First day of really working with 2.0. Overall the interface and layout of the tabs is a welcomed improvement. Being able to double click on an operation and getting all the setting in one window with them all tabbed out is awesome.

The addition of MOP sets is both a blessing and a curse. Initially I was looking forward to it for organizing machine operations, because within a Rhino file I sometimes have 6 seperate layouts to cut, and each layout can have up to 4 operations associated with it each using a seperate tool. But since I can't control+click operations within a set to output I have to group operations that use the same tool within a layout together in one MOP set so I can output them seperatly, this is because I don't have an auto tool changer, but I'm sure a lot of users are in the same boat. This is something I is pretty important in regards to my workflow, I hope something can be done in a timely manner. Maybe I am a user in a unique situation because what I cut is not one-off peices, or single peices sent out to the machine, I look at it as cutting kits out of sheet material and when I work on a Rhino file it contains all the geometry and the layouts of what is processed. If I am misunderstanding the intended functionality of the MOP sets, please help me, I love the feature it just seems limit me more than it helps.

There is also still an issue when opening 1.0 files and the incoming file was set using an at top setting, I think I covered that in another thread.

Below are some others that I am coming across througout the day.

When editing the name of an operation you cannot hit enter to set the value and exit the field.
When editing the name of an operation you cannot hit escape to cancel the edit and return the value to its previous value.
When in the MOPS tree you cannot hit F2 to start editing an operation name.
When dragging operations the window does not auto scroll.

Ability to select various operations control+click within a MOP set to post.
Ability to select multiple operations within a MOP set to move to another MOP set as a group.
Ability to copy/paste multiple operations at a time.
Ability to post MOP sets within a file seperately by control+click the wanted MOP sets.
When making a new MOP set it places it at the top of the tree, does it make more sense to move it to the bottom of the tree?
When dragging an operation to another MOP set, it places the dragged operation above existing operations within that set.

Sorting for engraving operations, I still don't understand why it doesn't have it but profiling does. Please implement it.

I haven't started outputing yet, I am updating my template and making sure my 1.0 templates are setup right. I hope I don't have more, but if I do I'll post them.

Thanks for 2.0, I may sound ungreatful, I am just trying to keep my feedback positive and constructive I hope some of what I've said is taken into consideration. Thank you again.
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Postby postalgbv » Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:08 am

I'd like to see keyboard (possibly assignable) shortcuts for turning the toolpaths on/off, stock model on/off.

I use Rhinocam 2 basic and since the stock model is quite slow, it is a constant button pressing exercise to keep working in a streamlined manner. Same with a dense toolpath, you need to see it but just as quickly may need to turn it off to see your geometry, etc.

If these shortcuts exist already, let me know! thanks!

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Postby ryan » Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:15 pm

just found that you can assign feedrates to the tool, that is a real nice improvement.

i agree that a keystroke would be nice to turn toolpaths on and off, i'm just glad that it is easier to get to than in 1.0 though.
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Postby MecSoft Support » Thu Oct 09, 2008 10:00 am

Thanks for the input. We will add this to our enhancement list.
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Postby ryan » Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:13 pm

When I am in the create tab and I look at the toolpaths for engraving operations, they are displayed with the stock color. If over to the Simulate tab it displays them in the correct color.

There is also an issues with preselecting curves regions for machining features. If you already have an operation in the tree and you preselect geometry and then open up the machining features window, the preselected regions aren't added to the window. If you then click the select regions button the preselected curves are still highlighted and it's hard to tell if you are selecting them again.

Thank you.
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Postby ryan » Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:24 pm

I think I might have been mistaken about the display color.
I guess what might be happening is the stock color is covering up the engraving toolpath.

Is there a way to toggle that off in the create tab? Before it would show the toolpath faintly over the curves.


EDIT: I think I was wrong again, in 1.0 when you selected the operation in the tree it highlighted the selected geometry in the viewport, but when you click off somewhere in the viewport it would deselect it.

The Update prompt is awesome. And also I like that when you switch over to the Simulate tab it doesn't change the viewports display properties.
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Postby ryan » Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:12 am

my saved tools are not importing with their saved feed/speeds.
don't know if this is related to the update or not, they were importing yesterday. when i came in i ran the update and now they are coming in as all zeros.

EDIT: i just opened the csv file for one revision of my 2.0 tool library i made pre-update and i noticed there wasn't any field for feed/speeds. is this stored somewhere else? when i open one of my new 2.0 templates and save the tools out they have feed speeds. when i open another template i am trying to update the tool library imports but the feed speeds are gone. am i missing something? thanks.
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Postby MecSoft Support » Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:38 am

Hi Ryan,
The csv file does not have the capability to store feeds/speeds. You can save the tools with feeds/speeds only to a .vkb file (a binary file that is not human readable). You can load the old tool libraries by selecting the .csv file. Assign the feeds/speeds and then save off the new feeds/speeds as a .vkb file. The csv file is available for use only for legacy reasons.
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Postby ryan » Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:46 am

OK, thank you. I didn't see anything about the vkb file. I am getting a crash in Rhino when I open a 1.0 file and importing the vkb file. If I import the vkb file into a fresh file with no tools it imports fine. Not that big of a deal, I'll find a way around it.


edit: it doesn't crash when I do the drag and drop method.
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Postby ryan » Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:47 am

What do you guys think about having a prompt come up when opening a Rhino File that was last saved with Cam 1.0 data?

I'm finding that some of my engraving options aren't opening properly, and the moving of V Carving out of engraving is requiring me to update files when I revisit them. This is pretty common for me to be revisiting files, changing geometry and reposting them, it would be nice if there was a prompt when we open the file so we don't overlook the possibility that we need to verify the ops are working as they did before.

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