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Wish List

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I have a few things that i think would make RhinoCAM better:

-Global clearance plane option
-Global tolerance option
-An XY instance that is a mirror of the tool paths.
-Clone of setups
-A way to regenerate all dirt tool paths in a Machining Job or Setup instead of having to regenerate all
-Work Zero numbers listed in the information screen
-A 2-1/2 axis type profile that works in 3 axis
-Depth Priority on a 2-1/2 axis tool path until the last level (right now I do this with two different tool paths when cutting multiple parts. One with depth priority that doesn't cut all the way through and one that finishes the cut. There is less machine movement with this method, but it would be nice to have in one tool path.)
-T-slot tool paths with a saw blade
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