Pocketing in the YZ or XZ Plane

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Pocketing in the YZ or XZ Plane

Postby MS1609199493 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:49 am


I'm relatively new to this software and trying to learn the ropes by programing a few example parts.

I ran into an scenario where I was running into errors generating a toolpath, and wanted to know if the software has this capability or not.

Please see the attached picture.

Part is set up as you would expect, on the large flat which makes most of the features accessible. But for the rectangular undercut opening, surfaces highlighted in blue, I'd like to pocket that area with an undercutting end mill from the side to create the undercut openings, and then use a flat end mill from the top to generate the larger square opening.

With the Expert version of VisualMill, is there a way to generate the toolpath I need?
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