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Postby windsor » Sat Dec 06, 2003 12:40 pm

I still switch between vm4 and 5 quite a bit . When I went from Rhino 2 to 3 it was eight months before I'd gotten over the learning curve and the service packs for Rhino 3 had gotten enough bugs out of the program to make me switch full time . ---I couldn't imagine going back to Rhino 2 now but it was useful to be able to in the begining . I'm experiencing the same thing with VM 5 now .But the dongle thing is a pain . What I wound up doing was saving the registration emails in a seperate folder on my hard drive where they are easy to find and open. When I want to switch versions of VM it's pretty simple to open the emails and cut and paste the liscence codes into the startup screen of VM . I think that in the future Mecsoft would wind up with a much better product if time expiring beta versions of new releases were made available to all liscence holders . This would give the greatest possible real world exposure to discovering new bugs .
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Postby Mitch Heynick » Wed Dec 17, 2003 5:37 am

Well, IMO, it *should* be possible to continue to use both without having to reprogram the dongle. Other CAM programs I have used do this, once a new version is installed, the older versions continue to work with the same dongle without having to put in new codes all the time.

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