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The dog days of summer are over and here we are at the beginning of fall already! Juggling back to school season and summer vacations, we still managed to be quite productive here at MecSoft and by the looks of things, so have our customers! Here are a few stories and news items that we would like to share. We hope you find them as interesting and inspirational as we do.


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“Great response time – Top notch customer service from Mecsoft. Thanks again.”

—Joe Mehl a.k.a. Joe the Computer Guy, PA, USA
“I was able to learn the software very quickly and was machining complex parts the very same day. With the pressure on, Mecsoft support was right there with me. I feel like I completely learned the software in 3 or 4 days! I made some great products very quickly and I have MecSoft to thank!”

—Marc Shlaes, ENVIBOATS, USA
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