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As MecSoft moves into its 2nd quarter of 2014, the recently released 2014 MecSoft products are being well accepted and are working hard for our customers. We at MecSoft are constantly amazed at the variety of applications that the MecSoft products are being used for. Check out the on-line Case Studies and Blog articles that high-light some of our customers’ work and products.

Product News

New Product Release

VisualXPORT for SolidWorks

All 2014 products updated with service packs.

VisualCAD/CAM 2014 – Current version 1.0.46
RhinoCAM 2014 – Current version: 4.0.33
VisualCAM for SolidWorks 2014 – Current version: 3.0.24
VisualCAM for Geomagic Design2014 – Current version: 4.0.25


Peguiron Luthier – Sam Peguiron has used RhinoCAM for years to create components for his finely-crafted violins and other luthiery. Read his Case Study to see how he combines old-world craftsmanship with high-tech CNC machining using RhinoCAM for increased production, better results, and more fun.

A student project, “Trasparente”, from the Free University of Bozen in Italy, produced the design of water carafes according to water quality characteristics. The glass-blow molds were machined in beech wood using RhinoCAM. Visit the MecSoft Blog to read more.

Recent Blog Posts

MecSoft was invited to participate in a workshop at the convention for the Association of Professional Model Makers in San Jose, CA. In the workshop, a small model of a building was programmed and machined in front of a live audience of APMM attendees and they were very impressed.

Recent Testimonials

The Associate Dean for Technology Transfer and associated with the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington said in an interview: “We use a variety of software from BobCad, to MecSoft’s RhinoCAM, to MasterCam and your RhinoCAM is by far the most popular simply because it is linked with Rhinoceros. Students find it very easy, and more natural, and more powerful to go from the program they use for design, which would be Rhinoceros, straight into machining operations. We use RhinoCAM on our CNC mill, our CNC plasma cutter, and our CNC routers. We work in all kinds of materials, plastics, wood products, foam, and some metal.”

-Professor Kimo Griggs, Washington

“Rhino 5 and Rhinocam 2014 integrate so seamlessly that you would never guess that two separate software engineering teams worked on the respective systems. One of my favorite features is the “regenerate function” that automatically updates tool paths when a change is made to the original design, and then there is the added bonus of intuitive user interface thanks makes this software package shine above all others.”

-Michael Rahban, CA, USA

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