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Another quarter gone in 2015! Time does fly when you are busy – and we have been busy here at MecSoft. After the successful release of our products during the early part of this year, we have been extremely gratified by the reception of our products from our customer community. Thanks to all of you who have shared your stories with us about the innovative ways you use our products. We are happy to present a few of them here.


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Creating a Lamp Shade Using MecSoft’s RhinoCAM
Introduction Tutorial for 2-1/2 Axis Machining
Introduction Tutorials for 4 Axis Machining

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Recent Testimonials

“Once again I find myself compelled to drop you a line and thank you for providing your customers with another great webinar. The information that is explained is invaluable and done in a very professional manner. The fact that you provide webinars, give us the ability to ask questions, and then have it repeated on YouTube is fantastic for anyone who wants to be proficient in MECSOFTS’ programs.”  

—Stephen DiPalermo, Senior Model Maker
“I am continually amazed at the math behind what MecSoft does with the 3D CAD data. The stuff Rhino does is amazing and the stuff MecSoft does is just as or more amazing. Thanks for the Webinars……..they are very important to keep me current.”

—Marc Shlaes, ENVIBOATS, USA
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