Musical instrument machining involves ornate and smooth shapes such as curved bodies of violins and guitars and also complex shapes such as the scroll of a violin. Our CAM products feature advanced 3 Axis milling strategies as well as 2-1/2 axis machining strategies to enable music instrument makers to craft their exquisite instruments.

  • V-Carving – for inlay work
  • Engraving – for engraving letters and symbols
  • 3 Axis Parallel Finishing
  • Pencil Tracing
  • Constant cusp machining
  • Indexed 5 Axis machining to machine from different orientations
  • Convert 2D images into 3D with the ART module

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Sister’s High School

Tony Cosby is the engineering, woodworking and technology teacher at Sisters High School in Sisters, Oregon. Tony’s class produces Ukulele and Luthier Guitars. Since introducing the Luthier Program in 2005, his Woodworking II class has averaged the production of 30 guitars per year. The CAM software that Tony and his team at SHS rely on every school year is VisualMILL from MecSoft Corporation!Read more…

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Case Study


Murchison Made Guitars

RhinoCAM Helps Startup Dream Come True!! Confucius once said: “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Such is certainly the case with Tanner Murchison of Murchison Made Guitars, LLC. With a love for both music and wood working, Tanner is bringing his dream to life in each finely crafted musical instrument born from his shop in New Prague, Minnesota.

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