Mold & Die

Mold & Die

Molds and dies are characterized as parts that have complex sculpted shapes with a lot of precise detail. Molds vary in sizes from micro-molds to large stamping dies such as used in the auto and the aerospace industry. Our CAM products feature advanced 3 Axis milling strategies that are proven to be fast and highly accurate to yield high quality surface finishes typical of these parts.

  • Horizontal (Z-Level) Roughing and Finishing
  • Plunge Roughing
  • 3 Parallel Finishing
  • 4 Pencil Tracing for cleaning corners and valleys
  • Valley Refinishing & Constant cusp machining
  • Curve Projection Machining
  • Between 2 Curves machining
  • Flat and Steep Area machining
  • Clear Flats Machining
  • 5 Axis Trim Profiling

Customer Successes

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Conley Manufacturing located in Shelby Township, just north of Sterling Heights, MI, manufactures machined tool & die components for the automotive and aerospace production markets. Companies like Boeing, Cessna, Honda Jet, Ford, GM and Chrysler turn to Conley Manufacturing for specialized jigs, SPC (Statistical Process Control) checking fixtures and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) holding fixtures. The company also machines inserts for plastic injection mold tooling.


PolyFab is a Wilmington, MA based company that sells custom fabrication to clients world-wide. Anything that starts with a Clear Industrial Plastic sheet or a tube, PolyFab can machine it or form it. The company, originally founded in 1968, was purchased in 2003 by Preston Fiske, a Mechanical Engineer from Santa Barbara, California. Preston received an MS degree from Stanford, served in the Army, graduated from UC Davis…

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