The parts needed to be manufactured in the automotive industry are characterized by a bewildering array of part types. These range from simple prismatic parts to complex sculpted shapes typically found in automotive dies used for manufacturing outer body shapes as well as multi-sided parts for internal moving parts. The Professional (PRO) configuration of our CAM Software is ideally suited for the demanding requirements of this industry. 

Customer Successes

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Dubes Custom Street Cars

In September 1996, Keith Dubes with the help of his wife and friends, opens a small engine repair shop, catering to local customers fixing mowers, trimmers and other landscaping equipment. See how VisualCAD/CAM is helping Keith’s American Dream coming true! 

Monster GY6 Customs

From their shop and showroom in Alpharetta GA, an affluent suburb north of Atlanta and just south of the Chattahoochee National Forrest, MonsterGy6 Customs caters to a cult niche market with a select group of custom Gy6 scooter products and customization. 

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