Looking to start out with CAM or for a Fusion 360 alternative?

VisualCAD/CAM Xpress

This package is not only a great starter CAM product but also a very attractive alternative to Fusion 360. Available as a standalone CAM software package as well as plug-ins to Rhinoceros 5/6 or SOLIDWORKS, it is an outstanding alternative to other CAM packages.

  • Unbeatable Price
  • Perpetual Licenses
  • Easy to learn & use
  • Best support & service in the industry
  • Upgrade when you are ready to additional functionality
Includes a CAD front end, VisualCAD as well as 2 & 3 axis milling methods. Also includes both the NEST and ART modules free of cost!

Introduction to VisualCAD/CAM Xpress

Getting Started with VisualCAD/CAM Xpress



User Interface
Ribbon Interface
Multiple viewport layouts
Scalable Icons
Docking Toolbars
Customizable UI
File Translators
3D Studio Files (*.3ds)
Adobe Illustrator Files (*.ai)
AutoCAD (*.dxf;*.dwg)
IGES Files (*.igs;*.iges)
LightWave Files (*.lwo)
OBJ Files (*.obj)
Parasolid Files (*.x_t;*.x_b)
Point Cloud Files (*.csv;*.txt;*.asc)
RAW Triangle Files (*.raw)
RHINO 3DM Files (*.3dm)
SAT Files (*.sat)
STEP Files (*.stp;*.step)
SLC Files (*.slc)
Stereo-lithography files (*.sla;*.stl)
Universal 3D Files (*.u3d)
VRML Files (*.wrl)
Construction Aids
Construction Planes
3D Mouse Support
Hot Keys
Selection Tools
Select by dragging a window on screen
Select by Layer, Color, Type and Name
Invert Selection
Select Last Created and Previous
Invert Selection
Select by geometry types
Selection Mask – To select only certain types of geometry
Selection command to select duplicate objects
Transformation Tools
Dynamic Move, Rotate
Array Geometry – Rectangular and Polar
Graphical transformation of objects using Graphical Manipulator
Allow graphical scaling of geometry
Scaling using fit to rectangle
Design Tools
Coordinate input for geometry creation in World & Construction planes
Create Points, Point Clouds, Lines, Arcs, Curves, NURB Curves
Create Text and Text on a Curve
Curve editing tools (Trim, Offset, Split, Merge, Chain, Chamfer, Fillet)
Simple Surface creation tools
Surface Edit Tools (Trim, Wrap, Reverse Normal, Unify Normals, Explode)
Mesh creation Tools (box, sphere, cylinder, cone, tubes, extrude, revolve)
Mesh Boolean Tools (Unite, Subtract and Intersect)
Solid creation tools (box, sphere, cylinder cone, torus, extrude, revolve, tube)
Solid editing tools (Unify Normals, Explode, Stitch)
Curve extraction tools(Flat area regions, Create Surface Boundary and section curves)
Dimensioning tools (Horizontal, Vertical, Oblique, Radius, Diameter, Angular, Leaders & Annotations)
Delete holes/cap holes
Tool to detect open loops in curve
Creation of boundary curve when a topologically connected set of surfaces are selected
Auto Fillet curves
Arc fits on a poly-line
Create silhouette curve around a part or selected geometries parallel to the c-plane
Corner rounding of a poly-line


2 1/2-Axis Milling
3 Axis Milling
Horizontal Roughing
Parallel Finishing
Hole Making
Automatic Hole Selection, Sorting
Standard Tools (Ball, Flat, C Rad., Vee, Drill)
Toolpath Editing
Toolpath Graphical Viewing
Cutting Simulation
Toolpath Animation
Cut Material Simulation
Post Processor Generator
Customizable Post Generator
Simulate Cycles
Arc Output
HTML Shop Documentation

Artistic Modeling

ART Module
Create 3D Relief from bitmap image files
Ability to limit creation of reliefs using colors and/or curves
Create puffed up 3D volumes using closed curves
Create 3D sweep volumes using various profiles
Combine 3D volumes using various Boolean operations
Export created 3D volumes as Mesh geometry to CAD system
Convert 3D CAD geometry to ART 3D volumes
Convert Raster to Vector to create 2D curves
Save & reuse previously created 3D volumes using Shape Library

Parts Nesting

NEST Module
Rectangular (sometimes referred to as ‘block’ nesting)
True Shape Nesting
2D & 3D Parts Nesting
2D & 3D Parts Nesting
Specify Distance limits between part and sheet
Control Accuracy of Nest
Set Nest Direction
Set Grain Direction
Unlimited number of Sheets
Nested sheet output by Layers or Color
Specify Distances between Parts
Specify Rotation limits of Parts
Allow mirroring of Parts
Allow Part-in-Part Nesting
Estimate # of Sheets needed for Nest
Allow Overflow Utilization
Tag Nests for part IDs

Other Features

32 bit & 64 bit Support