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Looking for a completely free CAD/CAM software option? We offer two products to serve your CAD/CAM needs for no cost! FreeMILL, as the name indicates, is a free milling module for programming CNC mills & routers. FreeMILL coupled with our free CAD software, VisualCAD, gives you a great entry level CAD/CAM product that is completely free of cost. Yes, completely free with no time limits, number of tries limit, number of saves limit or lines of code limit!

Download Free CAD/CAM Software

VisualCAD – The completely FREE CAD Software

VisualCAD with its modern user interface, makes creation of 2D and 3D curves as well as 3D surfaces, solids and meshes easy and efficient. With a complete geometry creation and manipulation tool-set and fast shaded graphics and rendering, VisualCAD is a perfect system for first time CAD users and/or educational users. It includes numerous file importing capabilities such as DXF/DWG, IGES, STEP and other file formats making it also an ideal companion system for your mainline CAD system. Most of all VisualCAD is a completely free!

FreeMILL – Free CAM Software for programming CNC Mills

FreeMILL is a module that is included in the VisualCAM product that runs as a plug-in inside VisualCAD.
With FreeMILL you will be able to:
1. Create a toolpath where the tool is driven along a set of parallel planes to cut your geometry
2. Create both Roughing and Finishing toolpaths
3. Run full cutting and material simulation of toolpaths
4. Output G code to your machine tool of choice

CAD Resources

Download Demo Download Demo
Introduction to VisualCAD video
Manufacturing with VisualCAD video
Watch a feature presentation overview of VisualCAD Feature Presentation
Learn about the new features in VisualCAD 2022 What’s New Document

Use the following resources to get started with VisualCAD:

Fillets & Offsets in VisualCAD video
Using background images as construction aids in VisualCAD video
Dimensioning in VisualCAD video

CAD Features

The table below summarizes the various features of VisualCAD.

User Interface
Ribbon Interface Windows standard ribbon interface for easy access to all VisualCAD functions
Viewports Use multiple viewport layouts for easy visualization
Modern Icons Large display icons for context sensitive toolbars
Docking Toolbars Rearrange, dock and auto-hide multiple toolbars where desired
Customizable UI Customize UI to suit customer needs
File Translators
VisualCAD Part Files(*.vcp)
3D Studio Files (*.3ds)
Adobe Illustrator Files (*.ai)
AutoCAD (*.dxf;*.dwg)
IGES Files (*.igs;*.iges)
LightWave Files (*.lwo)
OBJ Files (*.obj)
Parasolid Files (*.x_t;*.x_b)
Point Cloud Files (*.csv;*.txt;*.asc)
RAW Triangle Files (*.raw)
RHINO 3DM Files (*.3dm)
SAT Files (*.sat)
STEP Files (*.stp;*.step)
SLC Files (*.slc)
Stereo-lithography files (*.sla;*.stl)
Universal 3D Files (*.u3d)
VRML Files (*.wrl)
Construction Aids
Construction Planes Use C-Planes for construction. Use various tools to manipulate C-Plane
3D Mouse Support Supports 3D mouse devices from 3DConnexion
Hot Keys Assign hotkeys for CAD tools on ribbon bar
Layers Use layers and layer management tools for data management
Hide/Show Objects Use Hide/Show tools for easy data visualization
Lock/Unlock Objects Lock/Unlock objects to prevent inadvertent edits to geometry
Background Bitmaps Use background bitmaps to assist in construction.
Selection Tools
Select by dragging a window on screen
Select by Layer, Color, Type and Name
Invert Selection
Select Last Created and Previous
Select by geometry types
Selection Mask – To select only certain types of geometry
Selection command to select duplicate objects
Transformation Tools
Dynamic Move, Rotate
Array Geometry – Rectangular and Polar
Dynamic transformation of objects using Graphical Manipulator
Allow graphical scaling of geometry
Scaling using fit to rectangle
CAD Tools
Coordinate input for geometry creation in World & Construction planes
Create Points, Point Clouds, Lines, Arcs, Curves, NURB Curves
Create Text and Text on a Curve
Curve editing tools (Trim, Offset, Split, Merge, Chain, Chamfer, Fillet)
Surface creation tools
Surface Edit Tools (Trim, Wrap, Reverse Normal, Unify Normals, Explode)
Mesh creation Tools (box, sphere, cylinder, cone, tubes, extrude, revolve)
Mesh Boolean Tools (Unite, Subtract and Intersect)
Solid creation tools (box, sphere, cylinder cone, torus, extrude, revolve, tube)
Solid editing tools (Unify Normals, Explode, Stitch)
Curve extraction tools(Flat area regions, Create Surface Boundary and section curves)
Dimensioning tools (Horizontal, Vertical, Oblique, Radius, Diameter, Angular, Leaders & Annotations)
Delete holes/cap holes
Curve boolean tools
Tool to detect open loops in curve
Multiple line text input in create Text dialog
Spell check in text edit box
Creation of boundary curve when a topologically connected set of surfaces are selected
Auto Fillet curves
Arc fits on a poly-line
Create silhouette curve around a part or selected geometries parallel to the c-plane
Corner rounding of a poly-line

FreeMILL Resources

Video of FreeMILL for VisualCAD Download & Installation video
Video of FreeMILL running in VisualCAD video
Learn about the features in FreeMILL Data Sheet

Note that even though you may choose not to purchase the VisualCAM product you can still run FreeMILL completely free of cost, while the rest of the CAM product will continue running in Demo mode, that is, without the ability to save CAM data or post-process toolpaths.

FreeMILL Features

The table below summarizes the various features found FreeMILL.

Cutting Direction Set tool axis direction to cut part from different orientations
Stock Create a rectangular box stock to start machining from
Machine Coordinates Set machine zero to any point on the model
Tools Create Ball, Flat and Corner Radius Mills
Feeds & Speeds Set the cutting feeds and spindle RPM to control cutting
3 Axis Milling Create parallel cuts along the X or the Y direction
Toolpath Simulation Perform cut simulation to visualize machined part
Post-Processing Select from over 300 controllers to output toolpaths to