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BRG Racing Products is located at 110 2nd Ave S, Ste D12 Pacheco, CA 94553 and specializes in high-performance custom vehicles including 1950,1960, and 1970 era muscle cars, Hary Davidson motorcycles, sport bikes, dirt bikes, and more!  BRG Racing takes and finishes the custom jobs that other shops cannot or refuse to handle, all on time and under budget! 

KC Gager, Owner/Operator started out as a mechanic in 1988 and quickly started his own auto repair shop.  From there BRG Racing was born, starting out manufacturing lightweight aluminum wheels and motorcycle conversion kits.

The VisualCAD/CAM Difference

For years KC started out operating two 2½ Axis manual turning lathes.  That led to his first 2½ Axis CNC machine from Laguna Tools that used the Bandit® control software.  For CAD/CAM KC was using GeoPath® software from Solutionware.  That worked for a while but soon became very cumbersome.  To expand his operations into 3 Axis machining, KC migrated to a 3 Axis mill from CNCMasters and chose VisualCAD/CAM from MecSoft Corporation.  We recently sat down with KC to discuss his recent success at using VisualCAD/CAM.  Here is some of what KC had to say about his VidualCAD/CAM software.


“Our experience with VisualCAD/CAM has been exceptional. The program is easy to learn and easy to use!  Getting G-Code out to our CNCMasters 3-Axis mill is much faster now than our previous 2½ Axis GeoPath CAD/CAM system from SolutionWare.”

K.C Owner/Operator, BRG Racing
Products and Dyno Services
Pacheco CA

The VisualCAD/CAM Part

The part selected for this case study are custom wheel hubs that allow you to mount GSXR 600 brake rotors onto a BMW bike front wheel.  This then will allow you to upgrade to a Suzuki front end that provides much better performance than the stock front end provided by BMW.  The component is cut from 6061 aluminum and is 5.16” inches in diameter and 1.63” inches wide.  

The part contains an interesting set of features including profiles, pockets, flanges, and holes as well as machining from two sides.  The center thru-hole requires some tight machining tolerances.  KC can CAM program all of these features to the required specifications using his VisualCAD/CAM software.  We invite you to continue reading to learn more about this component and how it was programmed and posted to KC’s CNCMaster 3 Axis mill!
This component is 5.16” inches in diameter and 1.63” inches wide.
The 3D solid model of the part oriented for machining the top side is shown above.
The bottom side of the component contains a flange with 4 mounting holes,
a larger pocket, and a thru-hole.  The 3D solid model is shown here oriented bottom side up.
Complete cut material simulations using the Professional configuration of VisualCAD/CAM!

Cools Pics from BRG Racing!

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