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Retratideia is a young company located near Porto in Portugal that is specializing in injection moulds and 3D laser engraving. The plastic and aluminum injection molds are manufactured by the company itself. They are used in many different areas, such as lighting, electronics, decoration, and automotive.

To meet the customers’ expectations in terms of quality and timely delivery, Retratideia uses latest CNC technology. And, of course, it also has a powerful CAM solution to work with this technology.

About four years ago, Retratideia selected RhinoCAM from MecSoft because the CAD software Rhinoceros was already used in the company. “When I got the RhinoCAM license, I had never before worked with CAM software”, Ricardo Gomes from Retratideia says. “But RhinoCAM is very easy to learn and I did not need any training to use it.”

Since then, RhinoCAM is used for the machining process. By now, Ricardo Gomes has seen other CAM software but he is still convinced of RhinoCAM. “RhinoCAM is the easiest to use and for me it is much better than other, more expensive CAM systems that have even more functionality – but are they worth it? I have made the best experience with RhinoCAM because it gives me all the functions that we need at Retratideia.”

Ricardo Gomes adds: “What else can I say about this product? It is simply the best.“Running completely inside of Rhinoceros, RhinoCAM is a CAM solution that is based on latest high-end technology for machining operations from 2 to 5 axes. Besides, it comes with hundreds of postprocessors and a postprocessor generator to create user-defined post processors.


Joe Anand

Joe Anand

Joe Anand has been President and CEO of MecSoft Corporation since 1997. Previously Joe worked for Siemens UGS PLM Software running a Custom Projects group implementing specialized projects for strategic global partners such as GM, Opel and GE as well as working on 3D machining algorithms for the NX product series. Before that he worked at Intergraph Corporation and was responsible for rewriting Intergraph's 3 Axis milling product. Earlier, Joe held senior positions at Auto-trol Technology and GE Calma.
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