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Calton Cases located in Austin, TX manufactures custom fit musical instrument cases through a world-wide network of instrument dealers. Anthony Pelosi, Product Designer & Innovation Lead for Calton Cases uses RhinoCAM Standard and the companies Laguna 3 Axis Machining Center to machine the core molds shown below. 
The cores are machined from a high-density polyethylene similar to a modeling board. The two cores are then used two thermoform ⅛” thick textured ABS cavities, one for the top and one for the bottom of the case. The textured ABS cavity forms are then used to layup the actual top and bottom case components from durable multi-layered reinforced fiberglass.

The mandolin case in blue-silver from Calton Cases

Optimized Machining

The 3 Axis Horizontal Finishing toolpath strategy for the top mandolin case core is shown below. It illustrates the use of the Optimized Machining controls provided by this toolpath. Horizontal Finishing is a toolpath strategy that cuts in horizontal planes. It is used primarily for near vertical walls like the sides of the core shown below. 
However, near horizontal areas like the top would normally require additional re-machining operations due to the wider offsets created. With Optimized XY Machining between Levels enabled (shown in the dialog below), additional toolpaths are added between Z levels in the near horizontal areas to allow full and complete finishing of the core on one operation! 3 Axis Horizontal Finishing is available starting with the Standard configuration of RhinoCAM.

In these images, Optimized XY Machining is enabled. Additional toolpaths are automatically added between Z levels in areas that are flatter, eliminating the need for additional machining. RhinoCAM allows you to control the stepover and engage/retract paths in these areas. The result is a completely finished core in one finishing operation! Compare the two images on the right (top and bottom). The cut material simulation shows full coverage on both the top and sides.


The finished core mold is shown.

More about Calton Cases

We want to thank Anthony Pelosi and the team at Calton Cases in Austin Texas for allowing to showcase their work. To learn more about Calton Cases we invite you to visit them at their home page, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. 

Read the full case study on how Calton Cases uses RhinoCAM here.


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