RhinoCAM does Trek at Pedalino Bicycles

Julie Pedalino from Lenexa Kansas has found a way to combine not one but two passions into an exciting new startup at Pedalino Bicycles, one of just a handful of female custom bike frame builders in the world!
Julie graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and combines her awesome talent as a professional graphic artist with a passion for all things bike. Julie Pedalino and Pedalino Bicycles design some of the most beautiful custom bikes using Rhino 5 and RhinoCAM! We recently sat down with Julie to discuss her convergence of art, CAD/CAM and CNC technology into some of her most recent 4 Axis custom bike build projects.

“We at MecSoft Corporation are both humbled and proud that our RhinoCAM software is helping to enable female machinists and entrepreneurs like Julie to experience the excitement and productivity of CNC technology.


We hope you enjoy this inspiring success story!”

After seeing Julie’s custom bikes it is difficult to believe that she has been using CAD/CAM (Rhino & RhinoCAM) for less than a year at the time of this writing!

See Julie’s complete case study here!.


This project includes parts for a Star Trek themed bike! Another example of RhinoCAM’s 4 Axis Engraving and Profiling together. After the piece is machined, Julie uses a hand tool to cut the tabs and remove it from the stock. After that, a little bit of hand filing to crisp out the inner corners and remove the leftover bits from the tabs. This is a small amount of hand work, especially considering Julie previously would spend as much as 20 hours hand cutting these sleeves with a jeweler’s saw!

Here we see the RhinoCAM cut material simulation (Top), machine tool simulation (bottom Left) and 4 Axis Machining Job tree (bottom Right). Again, the stock is a cylindrical tube of the same ID and OD of the production chromoly steel 4130 (Stock from Selection). In the Machining Job tree we see three 4 Axis Profiling toolpaths (using 0.062” and 0.125” Dia End Mills) and one 4 Axis Engraving toolpath (using a 0.062” Dia x 45 deg engraving “V” Mill). 
Check out these two short simulation videos (see the completed bike photos at the end of the videos!). 

4 Axis Machine Tool Simulation Video: https://youtu.be/k7xv_ujbejQ

4 Axis Cut Material Simulation Video: https://youtu.be/ApneQynwRPY

Here we see the “Trek” emblem bilaminate sleeve being machined on the 4 Axis machining center at Pedalino Bicycles along with the completed emblem.

Here is the completed bike shown at the 2017 Philly Bike Expo:

More about Pedalino Bicycles

We want to thank Julie Pedalino for allowing us to showcase her work at Pedalino Bicycles. To follow Julie and learn more about her exciting work we encourage you to check out these links:

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Don LaCourse

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