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Professional Facilities for the Arts

The Danish Art Workshops (DAW) is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture, whose purpose it is to provide working facilities for particularly demanding production of art works. At the DAW it is possible for artists to do work in large formats, which their own studios or equipment cannot facilitate. Artists, designers, craftspeople, and restorers can work here on projects in art and design at the highest level. The workshops provide space to work simultaneously on several large canvases, installations or sculptures.

CNC Work in Art and Design

Since the precision of the Rhino CAM has been in demand at the DAW for the past few years, our Wood Workshop is now equipped with a 3 axis Fulltek CNC. Designer Rasmus Fenhann has used the machine to produce his lamps for an exhibition at Galerie Maria Wettergren in Paris, spring 2015.
Rasmus Fenhann has developed a lamp series in a Japan inspired design called “Hikari”. The name signifies light and emphasizes the inspiration from a Japanese lamp tradition.
His experiments on the CNC machine with geometry based lamps and tables have been very fruitful and have added more detail and precision to his work than his bare hands and traditional tools could have done. All of Fenhann’s products are initiated as three dimensional models in the modeling program Rhino CAD. Afterwards he uses RhinoCAM to generate toolpaths and post them to the CNC machine. Hence Rhino CAD and RhinoCAM make a perfect match.
The primary advantage of the CNC machine is its precision. Precision is very important when complex lines, shapes and angles are measured out to fit together. To mill the exact polygons that Fenhann’s work declares require a precise machine with a well-developed vacuum table. It is possible to scale models up and down, which provides great flexibility to the user. You can use the same drawings to execute your work in different dimensions.
I make some very complicated things. Not that I strive for things to be complicated, but to achieve a certain expression. I like work that testifies to great wood work and the infinity of the detail” says designer, Rasmus Fenhann.
For more information visit svfk.dk.

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