MecSoft helps out Association of Professional Model Makers in San Jose CA

APMM workshop held in San Jose, CA

On March 8th 2014, MecSoft responded to an invitation to present RhinoCAM multi-axis machining during a workshop at the 21st anniversary conference of the Association of Professional Model Makers (APMM) in San Jose, CA.
The focus of this workshop was multi-axis milling and fixturing.  During the workshop, MecSoft demonstrated how to program 2, 3, 4 and 5-axis machining operations using the RhinoCAM system.  Mitch Heynick, from Swiss Rhino, designed a steeple using the Rhinoceros CAD system and then RhinoCAM was used to create a CNC program to cut the modeled steeple using a combination of indexed and continuous 4-axis machining operations.  The attendees were amazed to see the power and ease-of-use of the RhinoCAM system.  Many of the attendees who had been programming parts manually were very impressed by this programming process and those with other CAM systems were equally impressed.
A few pictures from the workshop showing the progression of the machining on the 4-axis mill are below.
Picture 1: The setup of the machine and wooden blank.
Picture 2:  Roughing the wooden blank.
Picture 3:  Rough machining the steeple section.
Picture 4:  Finish machining the steeple section.
Picture 5:  The machining of the part is complete.

 Within minutes, the part was programmed in RhinoCAM, the tool paths were simulated and post processed, and the CNC program was generated and sent to a Tormach 4-axis Personal CNC mill at the workshop.  We express thanks to John Bower of Santa Cruz Electronics for making this machine available.  Seeing the part being programmed and then immediately machined was very exciting for some of the attendees who were new to the CNC process.

MecSoft would like to thank Terry Wellman, President of APMM for providing this opportunity to present MecSoft CAM products at the 2014 APMM Conference and workshop.  It was a very nice experience. The APMM ( is an international community of nearly 800 professional Model Makers, students, educational institutions, freelancers, and corporations.  Of this number, MecSoft supplies CAM products to many of the decision makers who manage model shops for Motorola, SteelCase, Nike, Bose, Addidas, Hasbro, Reebok, Whirlpool, Herman Miller, and many other high profile corporations.


Scott is International Sales Manager for MecSoft Corporation. Before joining MecSoft in 2011, Scott worked for Siemens PLM, and has several decades of experience in the machining industry. Scott has a very strong technical background as well as outstanding people skills which makes him perfect for managing MecSoft’s international resellers & partners.
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