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RhinoCAM® at Murchison Made Guitars

Murchison Made Guitars in New Prague, Minnesota uses RhinoCAM® to assist in the product of The Murchison, a 4th generation acoustic guitar design.

Figure 1 – Bridge Design Toolpaths for The Murchison (by Murchison Made Guitars)

In the bridge design (shown in Figure 1 above), holes for positioning pins are first drilled into the bottom using a 2½ axis Deep Drill operation. In the same setup, a 25 foot radius is machined over the holes using a 3 axis Parallel Finishing operation. The part is then manually turned over and positioned on a fixture where the top also receives the same 25 foot radius. The final product is shown in Figure 2.
MS-10-7-15-Guitars 2

Figure 2 – The Murchison Final Production Piece

“My two CNC machines are the heartbeat of my shop! The ability to draw something in Rhino and quickly turn it into a toolpath as effectively and as simply as possible, to me, is priceless!” – Tanner Murchison of Murchison Made Guitars

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  • If you are interested in learning more about Murchison Made Guitars, LLC, and The Murchison acoustic guitar you can visit them on facebook.
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Don LaCourse

Don LaCourse

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