MecSoft at Roland DGA

MecSoft recently had the privilege of visiting Roland DGA at their Irvine location, just minutes away from MecSoft’s International headquarters in Irvine, CA. The purpose of the visit was to attend a training event for Roland’s North and South American dealers. MecSoft gave a few product demonstrations to introduce our company and CAM products to those unfamiliar. MecSoft has had a long relationship with Roland, spanning over a decade, and our relationship continues strong as we consider them a close partner.
We had the opportunity of presenting VisualMILL as well as our integrated plugins. We even had the chance to machine the part with the output from VisualMILL, demonstrating the accuracy of our software. Roland makes great machines, and MecSoft makes great software. These two things combined made the demonstration a success, as well as the event.

Tim Strifler

Tim Strifler

Tim Strifler is Marketing Coordinator of MecSoft Corporation. Tim’s background is in SEO/Internet Marketing and in addition to holding various other Marketing positions, he worked at a leading Internet Marketing company in San Diego, CA before joining the MecSoft team. Tim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from PLNU.
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