Handcrafted Cellos at Christopher Dungey Cello Maker Inc.

Christopher Dungey of Grand Junction CO has been handcrafting cellos for the past 40 years just like mater crafters have done for hundreds of years. However, Chris realized early on that if he wanted to stay in the business of cello making he was going to have to incorporate machinery into the art and craftsmanship. In the early days he added band saws, planers, drill presses and even a pantograph at one time.
Then in 2015 Chris purchased a Laguna IQ HHC 3 Axis CNC machining center. For CAD Chris chose Rhinoceros for its ability to model the organic shapes that his cellos needed. RhinoCAM was then the obvious choice for toolpath generation because of its seamless integration with Rhino. Here are some photos from Christopher Dungey Cello Maker Inc. Enjoy!


Here we see RhinoCAM 2018 and a Parallel Finishing operation used as a material-removal roughing toolpath. In this operation the Stock to leave is set to 1.5 and the Z Limit is set to 13.5. A 12.5 diameter Ball Mill is used with a Stepover of 46%.


RhinoCAM is only used for bulk material-removal on the top and bottom of the cello. The finishing is all done by Chris’s own two hands, using the same techniques master crafters have employed for hundreds of years of cello making!

More about Christopher Dungey Cello Maker

We want to thank Chris for allowing us to share his story of a modern day Cello Maker and RhinoCAM! To see the completed handcrafted cello shown above, your invited to read more about Chris and RhinoCAM here:

To learn more about Christopher Dungey and his passion and talent for cello making, we invite you to visit his website at www.dungeycello.com and on Facebook. We also invite you to hear a Christopher Dungey Cello at these video links:

Don LaCourse

Don LaCourse

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